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You only have to go into a department store, a supermarket or online to see the thousands of businesses catering to our every need, want and desire.

When it comes to picking colours for your own business brand, have you ever found yourself wondering what colours to pick?

So here’s your dilemma.

Do you

1. pick your own personal favourite colours


2. pick colours that express the authentic personality, express the authentic soul of your business brand.

Surprisingly, I’ve found when I sit down with my business clients to look at their branding over 90% have either picked or what to pick option A.

This means, unknowingly, the brand colours they wanted to go with is actually their own personal preference – for example a colour they loved because it reminded them of a happy holiday memory or a colour because it made them feel good.

What did those colours have to do with their business brand message and their ideal customers? Absolutely nothing.

If you do go for option A, don’t be surprised if you start to notice and wonder:

  • Why am I not attracting the type of customers I want?
  • Why does it feel like I’m chasing an elusive target market?
  • Why is it that my clients don’t seem to be connecting with me?

So if your business brand is all about you, then option A is for you.

And right about now you may be thinking, well Virgin is all about Richard Branson. Here’s the thing about Mr Branson. He knows a brand is not a person. He knows his business brand isn’t about him.


 “Customers want to emotionally engage and connect with a brand”


Now, if you want to use colour to evoke a positive emotional reaction in your ideal customers to buy from you and if you want to use colour as your secret sales force then option B is the approach for you.

Customers want to emotionally engage and connect with a brand. The simplest way to do this is by aligning your brand personality and colour to communicate a single unified message which will work on the conscious and subconscious levels.


Whenever we buy anything, it is because of an emotional reason.  Afterwards, we explain our choices to ourselves on the basis of performance, or price.  We like to think of ourselves as logical beings.  But really we buy because of an emotional want or need.

Fact: People buy on emotion
šFact: Colour triggers emotional responses
šColour = emotion = sales for you

By picking the colours (and this means the specific tones, using the right proportion and placement) that expresses the authentic personality, the authentic soul of your business brand, this will create a positive emotional reaction in your ideal customers to buy from you.

Want to find out if your business brand colours reflect your favourite colour, fun holiday memories or, emotionally engage your ideal customers to buy from you?

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