“I help businesses and design professionals to use colour and design to improve well-being, support mental health and create positive change in the world.”

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Every business is in the colour business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, interior designer, stylist, global corporation, consultancy firm, healthcare provider, consumer goods manufacturer or makeup artist - colour is going to be affecting your business whether you sell services, promote products or aim to improve people’s lives.

Colour is the first thing we take in and more importantly, the first thing we feel. Our emotional connection to colour is why it has the power to influence how we think, feel and behave in any situation.

And it’s why Applied Colour & Design Psychology is so crucial for forward-thinking companies committed to the well-being of their people, the planet and their business - because when you use colour to create positive change, you positively influence everything.


Whether you are looking for more customers to buy your products or services, to increase your staff or patient well-being, or increase your brand attraction, the first place to begin is with an assessment of how colour is working for you right now.

Using a range of analysis tools we do a deep dive into your customers, staff or patients to uncover their needs and wants. We get under the skin of your business to pinpoint the behaviours you want to positively influence, as well as those you don’t want.

And part of the power of this step is that everything that comes after can be tested. So there’s no guesswork - you will see the results of our work through measurable changes in well-being, productivity, sales or revenue.

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Using colour consciously allows us to create considered designs that improve the well-being of everybody involved. And no matter whether we work together on a PR-led colour campaign, creating a paint range, promoting a product, a brand refresh, or colour and design schemes for residential or commercial interiors, the bespoke solutions we create will go beyond the wow factor, and beyond trends to deliver an enduring quality to your business, brand, products or services.

And this is why using the principles of Applied Colour & Design Psychology will future-proof your business against the changing landscape of our time. Because this approach focuses on the one thing that doesn’t change - us, our innate emotional response to colour and design, and our relationship with nature. And with the unique framework I have created over the past decade, I can apply this work to a diverse range of companies in industries from automotive, tech, children’s toys and homewares to food, fashion and beauty.


As a hands-on service provider with project manager experience, I work with you from end to end to ensure we produce the specific results you’re looking for. Together we could be collaborating on:

  • design briefs for your commercial or residential interiors

  • creative activities for PR and media campaigns

  • colour palettes for product, textile or interior ranges

  • updating colour paint ranges or colour naming

  • crafting your authentic brand personality and colour palette

  • and more

I work and collaborate with your in-house design team or I have a curated list of specialists in their fields to call on as required.

And when we’re done, we do a formal review to measure the results against the desired behavioural outcomes.

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If you are a forward-thinking company that cares for the well-being of its people, wants to create positive change, and ensure your business prosperity now and into the future, then Applied Colour and Design Psychology can support you to do just that.

“Karen's innate ability to delve deep into our clients psyche unlocks their excitement for colour, giving them confidence and us time saving reasoning behind colour choices of hard finishes, fabrics and furnishings.”


“Karen's work was significant in facilitating design agreements, and, ultimately, great solutions. In the process, she was instrumental in forming a successful collaborative partnership with the client.”

– Ross Naismith; Aedas Architects / Design and Project Director

“At Falmouth, we place great emphasis on working with industry specialists wherever possible. We reached out to Karen as an expert in colour and she delivered an invigorating session. This helped our students re-assess their current project and longer-term thinking about their use of colour. Look forward to working with you again!”

– Stuart Watt, Lecturer, School of Architecture, Design and Interiors, Falmouth University

“Karen brought an entirely different level of analytical thinking to the whole design process. She was on board right from the start and was key in developing the design and ensuring that the brief was delivered. We thoroughly enjoyed the process, the final result was stronger for this collaboration and I am looking forward to working with her on future projects for all things colour.”

– Stephen Pey, Director, EPR Architects

"The positive feedback from Karen's talk at Decorfest was at her usual high standard. She pitched her talk perfectly to the packed audience, giving an informative and insightful talk on using the psychology of colour in the home. People were booking straight onto her masterclass at the decor cafe to learn more."

- Debbie blott, Founder Decor Cafe

Colour & Design Courses

From industry professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of colour for their own work, to organisations wanting to harness the power of colour to help employees perform better, my courses offer comprehensive training on how to effectively use Applied Colour and Design Psychology.

I offer stand-alone training courses and colour mentoring. Or I can create bespoke training for companies that want to support a sales team to sell more products, to inspire their marketing department for your next campaign or launch, or help shop staff really understand how colour influences what customers are buying.

I’ve delivered corporate courses for the interior product and toy companies, graphic design studios and global paint brands as well as masterclasses for prestigious brands such as the National Gallery, London. I’ve also created courses, tutored and guest lectured for educational institutions such as ISCD Australia, UCL Chelsea and Central St Martins London, Guildford College Surrey, Falmouth Uni and BUCKS Uni.

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Industries across the world understand the important role of colour and design and are keen to discover how to use it for even greater impact. In my keynote talks I share insights into how they can bring Applied Colour & Design Psychology into their work.

I deliver the content in an interactive, thought-provoking and engaging way, and have been invited to give keynotes for organisations such as: Altro Flooring at Dessau, Germany, for the Bauhaus 100 years celebration; BASF at Indianapolis, USA, for their colour chemists forum; ETAD for their members in Ireland; Tata Steel at RIBA, Liverpool, UK for architects; London Transport Museum for their Friday Late event; and F&B and Dulux launching their Colours of the Year.

I’m also invited to speak and be a panellist at industry design events such as Clerkenwell Design Week, Decorex, 100% Design and Grand Designs.


Utilising the power of colour and design psychology is an opportunity to create positive good and positive change in our world. I consult, collaborate and create with companies who aren’t afraid to challenge the norm, who want to investigate social problems and seek new ways to improve human experience in balance with nature.

  • Architects

  • Interior Designers

  • Fashion Designers

  • Branding Agencies

  • PR & Media Agencies

  • Product Designers

  • Market Researchers

  • Creatives & Artists

  • Paint Companies

  • Change Makers


Contact Karen to discuss working together.


Contact Karen to discuss working together.


Contact Karen to discuss working together.

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10 Myths that Limit You Using Colour Effectively

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