“When we use colour and design consciously, we get to create considered designs that improve the well-being of everyone involved. And when we put humans at the centre of design, it's good for the individual, for others and the planet.”

- Karen Haller

Hi, I'm Karen Haller FRSA, a leading international authority in the field of Behavioural Colour & Design Psychology

My area of speciality is in Human-Centred Design and how our relationship with colour, design and nature affects and influences us, as well as how businesses and designers can use it to influence positive behaviour and well-being.

I consult, collaborate and create with companies and individuals whose aim is to use colour and design for positive good and positive change. Those who aren’t afraid to challenge the norm, to investigate social problems and seek new ways to positively improve human experience in balance with nature.

I love nothing more than working with forward thinking brands and organisations who genuinely care about their people because that's what behavioural design is all about.

Putting humans at the centre of design that is good for the individual, good for others and good for the planet.

My philosophy, my approach when it comes to using colour and design is to use it consciously to really create considered designs that improve the wellbeing of everybody involved.

Using colour in this way allows everyone I work with to create spaces, environments, brands, products that not only support their goals but also contribute to the wellbeing of all.

If you'd like to learn more about my nature-based approach to colour and design, and how I apply it in my work, keep reading to find out more.

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My approach is for forward-thinking businesses and design professionals who aren't afraid to challenge the norm, who want to investigate social problems and see new ways to positively improve our human experience in balance with nature.


Behavioural Design is...

Grounded in the psychology of human behaviour and the fundamental principles of nature. Together they allow us to go beyond simply creating a mood, a trend or the ‘WOW’ factor and to look at ways to use colour and design to create real positive change, elicit positive behaviours for positive outcomes.

Applied Colour & Design Psychology is a methodology based on nature which means it dovetails perfectly with other nature-based disciplines such as biophilic design and sensory marketing.

Ultimately, we want to create spaces where people will not just live in or be productive, but feel safe, connected and thrive.

A way that we create that sense of connection, of belonging is to be surrounded by things that feel familiar. Reconnecting and aligning ourselves back to nature through the use of colour & design psychology is how we do that in our modern age.

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As humans we respond positively to nature and have a deep subconscious connection to it. It’s why we sit in the park on our lunch break, why we go for a walk in the woods on the weekend, why we take holidays by the beach, or walk barefoot on the grass. Because most of us innately know that connection to nature restores us, re-energises us, grounds us and supports us.

Many of us now live in high-density urban environments and we really miss that connection. So when it comes to spaces we live in, we can create this connection to nature by using harmonious colour combinations, textures, patterns and shapes that reference that subtle experience of being in nature. That’s how we create environments that support people to feel safe, secure and connected and provide a sense of belonging.

As our society evolves to include even more technology, denser urban living and increasing AI in our lives, nature, and creating that sense of familiarity in the built environment, is how we are going to support people to maintain that balance between modern living and what it is to be human.

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“Every step we take away from nature we move further away from ourselves and what it is to be human.”




I support individuals and organisations to bring this philosophy into their own design work, brands, products, environments and interiors through consultations, collaborations, troubleshooting, market research and teaching. I’ve worked with global and in country brands such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Samsung, Homebase, Dove, BASF, Ascot Races, Sainsbury and Fiat. I also support design professionals globally to advance their colour training through my mentoring programmes, introductory courses and CPD courses.

I was commissioned by the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) Australia to write their Colour Diploma course and I’m also a guest lecturer for colleges and universities such as Central St Martin’s London, University Arts London, Falmouth University and BUCKS University.

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I'm a regular speaker and panellist at industry events such Grand Designs LIVE, London Design Week, Clerkenwell Design Week and Decorex. I also co-curated the 2015 London 100% Design four days of colour talks.

I'm regularly invited to deliver keynotes for organisations such as Bauhaus 100 years celebration for Altro Flooring at Dessau, Germany, BASF at Indianapolis, USA, Tata Steel at RIBA, Liverpool, UK.

I have had the honour of judging for a number of leading international awards such as WAN Colour in Architecture Awards, Dulux Let’s Colour awards, UK Colour & Design student awards and the Society of Dyers & Colourists International student awards.

And I'm also a British Interior Institute of Design (BIID) Industry Partner and CPD Provider, a former trustee of the Colour Group of Great Britain, a member of numerous colour societies around the world and on the advisory board of the charity Color Cares.

Media & Author

I'm regularly featured in local, national and international magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and podcasts.

My bestselling first book The Little Book of Colour, How to Use the Power of Colour to Transform Your Life, (published by Penguin and a Sunday Times Top 10 Design book) written for the everyday person which has been translated to date into 14 languages.

I'm also been a contributing author in the leading industry book Colour Design: Theories and Applications on Colour in Interiors.

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Contact Karen to discuss your project further.


Contact Karen to discuss your project further.


Contact Karen to discuss your project further.

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10 Myths that Limit You Using Colour Effectively

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