Happy International Colour Day!

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OK, so full disclaimer here, 21st March isn’t officially recognised as International Colour Day. The AIC (International Colour Association) have had quite a long ongoing process with UNESCO to have this day officially recognised, but while we’re waiting, there’s no harm in celebrating it, right?

Why March 21st?

I think you’ll agree with the AIC’s choice of day. If you in the northern hemisphere at least, because March 21st is the “spring equinox”. 

What this means is equi = equal and nox = night, so around the equinox, night and day are approximately equal in length.

This symbolically represents the complementary nature of light and darkness, light and shadow as expressed in all human cultures and in nature.

It’s when we move from the darkness into the light.

Colour is always connected with light – they are inseparable. Without light there would be no colour so International Colour day also celebrates light.

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Mother nature comes to life

And it’s a celebration of spring. The season when nature awakes from her winter slumber and and bursts back into full glorious colour!

It’s the time of year for new life, new beginnings, hope and optimism – to move forward into the light of positive human consciousness and positive change.

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To celebrate International Colour Day, I asked some well known colour lovers including Dame Zandra Rhodes, Annie Sloan MBE and Kaffe Fassett MBE who share their top tip for anyone who might be afraid of bringing colour into their home, their clothes and their everyday life. 

Head over to Instagram to see their pearls of wisdom.

Want to dive further into colour?

You can download my free e-book, The 10 Myths that Limit You Using Colour Effectivity. This is for designer professionals or anyone who uses colour in their business. 

And you can also download the first chapter of my book ‘The Little Book of Colour’ for free.

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Wishing you a Happy International Colour Day!

Originally published March 21st 2021 | Updated March 21st 2024

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