Launching The Little Book of Colour!

the little book of colour website karen haller

Today is the day! My book The Little Book of Colour – How to use the Psychology of Colour to Transform Your Life is out there in the world. It’s been almost two years since Penguin first approached me, but looking back now I can see this book has been a lifetime in the making.…

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The colour wheel is just the tip of the iceberg

newsletter sept 2015 colour wheel is just the tip of the iceberg

Colour is one of those amazing phenomenons that’s fascinated man for centuries. So much so there’s specialist colour scientists, academics and researchers around the world coming up with amazing new colour theories and findings all the time. Interestingly, the new ways of working with colour coming out of the ongoing research aren’t widely known within…

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2014 Flame Challenge: What is Colour?

alan alda's flame challenge what is colour.

How do you explain colour to an 11 year old? That’s the question Alan Alda (actor turned part-time professor) has posed for this year’s Flame Challenge to scientists across the globe. Alan Alda (actor turned part-time professor) founding member of the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University which is dedicated to explaining complex science to 11 year-olds…

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colour science… all about the colour blue

I came across this superb interview on The Why Factor where Dr Anna franklin from Surrey University and Philip Ball, science writer discuss in fascinating detail all about the colour blue – the science, psychology, symbolism and everything else in between. (Day 24 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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science says… yellow is the most visible colour in daylight

Science has proven that yellow is the most visible colour in the spectrum. When you are next out and about, take notice of how much yellow is used – double yellow lines, road work signs, danger signs, river buoys – anything that needs to be highly visible. (Day 14 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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Kolormondo 3D puzzle… there’s a new colour tool in town

I do love social media. The wonderful like minded people you connect with from all corners of the globe.  Yesterday I received a colourful surprise in the post from Nicoline Kinch, creator of Kolormondo 3D puzzle. She recently found me on facebook, liked what she saw and sent me one of her 3D colour puzzles, all…

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did you know there were eleven basic colour terms?

When Brent Berlin and Paul Kay introduced basic colour terms in their 1969 book ‘Basic color terms: Their Universality and Evolution’, it was the start of a new way of thinking about colour terms and colour naming. (Day 3 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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