science says… yellow is the most visible colour in daylight

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Karen Haller
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Science has proven that yellow is the most visible colour in the spectrum. When you are next out and about, take notice of how much yellow is used – double yellow lines, road work signs, danger signs, river buoys – anything that needs to be highly visible.

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And let’s not forget the famous yellow cabs of NYC – very easy to spot. There’s no problem spotting the leader in the Tour de France, given they are the one wearing the coveted yellow jersey.

Yellow golf balls are said to be twice as easy to see at a distance than white golf balls.

Here are some great examples of how yellow is effectively. And let’s not forget it’s down to using the right tone of yellow.

On the London tube the handrails are yellow. They need to be highly visible so they are easy to spot should you need to quickly grab hold.

Yellow handrails on London tube.The most visible colour in daylight.

At the Notting Hill Carnival this year, the police were unmissable in their yellow jackets. They want to be seen, they want their presence know.

Yellow most visible colour - police wearing yellow vests.

Nike used one of the best ‘ambush marketing’ campaigns at the London 2012 Games through using the colour yellow. There was no failing to notice the yellow trainers.

Nike Volt shoes London 2012 Games - photographer Andy Hooper. This opens a new browser window.

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Images: Karen Haller and Andy Hooper in the

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