holi festival

Holi – a glorious festival of colour

The festival of Holi became internationally famous for throwing of colour. It’s a glorious festival of colour, which is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month, which this year began at sunset on Sunday 24 March, and continued until sunset on last night, Monday 25 March.…

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no shades of grey for fiat

No shades of grey for Fiat

Operation no grey is what Fiat are calling their new colour campaign. In a world that is still holding onto their love of all things grey, especially in the UK where the most popular car colour for the past 5 years has been grey, Fiat have decided that they are no longer going to make…

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ella london image creditdean shepherd wearing little arrow shop earrings

Meet Ella London, the yellow lady

Meet Ella London, the Yellow Lady or as she is happy to be known as Miss Sunshine. Yep, she’s a woman who wears yellow from head to toe. I first came across Ella when I saw her New York Post video which has been viewed over half a million times since it came out on…

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colour psychology using colour in interiors.

colour psychology – using colour in interiors

For the past few years, every quarter or so, Stacey Sheppard (from the renowned interiors blog The Design Sheppard) and I collaborate on a wonderful series relating to colour psychology for interiors. I love these articles which usually focuses on a colour that’s sparked Stacey’s colour curious. So far we’ve looked at yellow, emerald green, indigo…

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bbc radio wales colour interview with jason mohammad.

bbc radio wales interview…wearing yellow gets you noticed Pippa Middleton style

The thing I love about radio, they are really tuned into the news of the day, as it’s happening. As a colour expert, I never know when I’m going to be called to comment on the colour stories of the day. So it was no different last Friday morning when I received a call from…

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children in need’s pudsey bear… yellow the colour of happiness

Were you one of the millions watching the BBC’s Children in Need last night? What a fantastic charity. I love how they focus on making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. You can’t help but notice their main brand colour. You only have to look at the charity’s mascot…

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science says… yellow is the most visible colour in daylight

Science has proven that yellow is the most visible colour in the spectrum. When you are next out and about, take notice of how much yellow is used – double yellow lines, road work signs, danger signs, river buoys – anything that needs to be highly visible. (Day 14 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!) And…

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nike’s ambush marketing at the london 2012 games through the use of colour

If you watched the London 2012 Games this summer there is every chance you saw flashes of neon yellow on the track, worn by many athletes from many countries. (Day 10 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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colour expert’s favourite colour is …

I was asked a question from one of my Twitter followers @Jilly_Pepper “What is your favourite #colour #color I wonder?” (Day 4 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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did you know there were eleven basic colour terms?

When Brent Berlin and Paul Kay introduced basic colour terms in their 1969 book ‘Basic color terms: Their Universality and Evolution’, it was the start of a new way of thinking about colour terms and colour naming. (Day 3 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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