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Happy International Colour Day!

OK, so full disclaimer here, 21st March isn’t officially recognised as International Colour Day. The AIC (International Colour Association) have had quite a long ongoing process with UNESCO to have this day officially recognised, but while we’re waiting, there’s no harm in celebrating it, right? Why March 21st? I think you’ll agree with the AIC’s…

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design professionals are you riding the colour wave karen haller

Design Professionals, are you riding the colour wave?

Have you noticed that everything comes in cycles whether that’s fashion or design styles, economic or political ideologies, music genres, lifestyle attitudes? It’s the same with colour. Colour has ebbed and flowed over the decades with some being full of colour and others where it was almost non-existent. This ebbed and flowed is tied to…

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world earth day biophilic design and sustainability talk

WORLD EARTH DAY – Biophilic Design & Sustainability

This Saturday, 22nd April is WORLD EARTH DAY. EARTHDAY.ORG, the global organiser of Earth Day, are carrying on the theme from last year which is “Invest in Our Planet”. The aim of Earth Day is to demonstrate support for the protection of the environment. It was first held on the 22nd of April, 1970, and now, over 50…

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The Effects of Colour – Forbo Flooring Webinar

When 1000 industry professionals show up to a webinar you know there’s something good going on. And that’s exactly how I felt after sharing the ‘webinar stage’ (despite it being midnight for me) with Pantone’s Carola Seybold hosted by Forbo Flooring systems to discuss The Effects of Colour in Interiors in April. Design professionals from around the world…

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how is colour psychology different to other colour modalities karen haller

How is Colour Psychology Different to Other Colour Modalities?

Have you found yourself doing an internet search to find out more about colour psychology only to find conflicting information in articles, infographics and books?  It seems that anything about colour has at some point be lumped under the heading of colour psychology so it’s no wonder why one of the most common questions I’m…

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