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newsletter may 2016 get living london karen haller

Make Yourself At Home with colour

For the past couple of months working alongside one of my clients Get Living London (GLL), which rents and manages homes in East Village E20, we’ve been looking at how people in Britain use colour in their homes to promote GLL’s unique offering of allowing their residents to paint and decorate their homes. In recent…

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techno colour the independent karen haller interview. this opens a new browser window.

Techno Colour – bland gadgets have been eclipsed by a rainbow say The Independent

Last week Simon Usborne from The Independent called to ask me about my views on the proliferation of colour in the gadget market.  I had no idea want was coming but I knew whatever it was, it was going to be big. This week saw the release of the cheaper iPhone 5C (“c” for colour) which…

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colourmatch from argos colour campaign with karen haller.

uk homes ‘unadventurous’ as 75% admit to obsessing over impressing their neighbours

I’ve been working closely with the team at ColourMatch to analyse the results from a nationwide survey on what people really think about their homes. The study was released today and shows that three quarters of people admit their home ‘lacks personality’ and, when it comes to our homes, we are a nation obsessed with…

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hina sharma from pitney bowes and karen haller pitney bowes radio day.

latest research by Pitney Bowes reveals cultures see colours differently

If you were listening to the radio yesterday morning, chances are, you may have heard me along with client Hina Sharma, Head of Brand & Content Development Europe Pitney Bowes, being interviewed. We were on a bit of a radio interview marathon – on 15 radio stations across the UK, from BBC Guernsey all the way…

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newsletter may 2013 3m post it reveals the colours of a nation

Survey by 3M Post-it reveals the colours of a nation

What an exciting day… after working for the past several months with client 3M Post-it, the creators of Post-it, I revealed the results of our nationwide research findings in no less than 11 radio interviews.

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bbc radio wales colour interview with jason mohammad.

bbc radio wales interview…wearing yellow gets you noticed Pippa Middleton style

The thing I love about radio, they are really tuned into the news of the day, as it’s happening. As a colour expert, I never know when I’m going to be called to comment on the colour stories of the day. So it was no different last Friday morning when I received a call from…

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Does colour change the way we feel and behave? What Radio 4 DIDN’T tell you

Back in November I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 as part of their week long Technicolour programme which was aired last week. Each day there were three colour experts speaking about their area of colour expertise from how our bodies create colour, colour language and perception, our reaction to colour, how colour is made…

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bbc radio 4 interview… Technicolour

Back in November when I gave my talk at the colour symposium ‘Colour for Business and the Professions’ at City University London, I was thrilled to be approached by BBC Radio 4 to be part of their Technicolour programme.

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bbc radio wales interview… do men who wear pink shirts really earn more?

Today’s blog is my surprise call from BBC Radio Wales this morning wanting to hear my thoughts on an article featured in today’s Daily Mail entitled ‘The power of pink: Men who wear shirts of that colour earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t’ (Day 22 into my 30 blogs in 30 days…

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croydon radio … interview on the power of colour in business

On Monday I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Croydon Radio’s Sonia Thomas who has a weekly show called ‘Down to Business’, which gives practical tips on business, careers, life and about ways of getting things done while having fun! (Day 9 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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