bbc radio wales interview… do men who wear pink shirts really earn more?

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BBC Radio Wales interview... do men who wear pink shirts really earn more. This opens a new browser window.

Today’s blog is my surprise call from BBC Radio Wales this morning wanting to hear my thoughts on an article featured in today’s Daily Mail entitled ‘The power of pink: Men who wear shirts of that colour earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t’

(Day 22 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

The interview was actually scheduled for 12.30 today  and then I get a call at 11.30 asking if I could do it now… so there I was live on air on my mobile, sitting on my stairs to get away from the refurbishment noise going on next door. Talk about adapting on the fly!

Jason Mohammad who certainly knows how to pack in a lot of information into our quick and fast paced six minute interview.  He certainly kept me on my toes. Oh and listen out for a most unexpected question at the end, you can tell Jason took me by surprise.

Listen here
You can listen to the full interview here at only 6 minutes long.

The main question Jason wanted to know if it was true if a man wears pink if he is more likely to be successful. My reply was this was a very tenuous link. We really need to know much more about the criteria in which they based their research on. Were those men who received this pay rise – were their bosses female? How often did they wear pink? What line of work they are in?

We both agreed there were so many questions around this. I wonder what came first, wearing pink made them wealthy or, the wealthy business men deciding to wear pink and then copying each other. I’m going for the latter.

What do you think?

Jason definitely loves his pink shirt, so much so he is going to wear it to Twickenham on Saturday. Interesting amongst all that testosterone ….


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BBC Radio Wales Interviewer:Jason Mohammad
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