Why women need to reclaim their relationship with pink

newsletter april 2016 womens relationship with pink

As a colour psychology specialist, one of the things I love to do is to observe the impact that colour choices have on our behaviour both as individuals but also as a society. When you become aware that colour has this kind of impact, you’ll become even more aware of the colours you choose to…

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Building colour confidence

building colour confidence

Have you ever walked into a store having seen a colour you’ve fallen in love with in the window, only to find yourself walking out having bought your ‘safe colour choice’? Well, you’re not alone. There’s no doubt we love colour. But sometimes we can find it a bit scary, unsure of what suits us,…

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Red revealed as the sexiest lipstick colour

red revealed as the sexiest lipstick colour.

  Did you see the article in this week’s UK Daily Mail ‘Giving pink, purple and orange the kiss off: Red revealed as the sexiest lipstick colour.’ Scientists at the University of Manchester found that red lipstick draws attention to the mouth, most notably from the opposite sex. This is because red is the colour of…

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What’s your colour of love…?

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. And if you want to get your love colour language spot on whether in the clothes you wear, the flowers you give or even decorating your store or office, do you know what you’re really saying….? If you want to instantly attract then the way to do this is…

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How to choose the right colours to wear when speaking from stage

One of my Linked in connections, Saskia Jennings asked me the following colour question ” Hi Karen, I love colors! I’m an orange fan. I’m energetic, dynamic and creative…I have 4 speaking events for 50 business people. What colors would you recommend me to wear and why? Looking forward to your suggestions. ” I was…

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