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Karen Haller

Thomas Pink Jermyn Street store, London.

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of working with Thomas Pink, the exclusive men’s tailors, as their colour psychology expert as part of their ‘Personally Pink’ campaign.

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The purpose was to help their discerning customers on what colours could work for you and what colour combinations work well together.

“Every time you select a colour to wear you are making a statement of how you are feeling and how you want others to interact with you.”


colour psychology
With my applied colour psychology training, I was able to explain the positive and negative psychological effects of colour which is really important given that colours can influence how you feel or how you would like to feel and how others interact with you.

Other customers really wanted to understand the science which is something I’ve noticed men are really fascinated in and really get – no doubt appealing to their logical mind.

colour conundrums
I loved helping the customers with their specific colour needs – the business men who wanted to bring a touch of fun and happiness to their working day, managers who wanted to appear more approachable, someone who was speaking on stage and wanted to make sure all eyes were on them. A gentlemen who clients were predominantly female and wanted to come across as caring and understanding, a man who has red-green colour deficiency. And there were plenty of relieved groomsmen with colour swatches trying to match their ties with the bridesmaids dresses.

Colour is one of those things that always brings a smile to people’s faces and it was wonderful to see customers leave happy.

And what a way to end a wonderfully colourful day, but the chance to sit in the Thomas Pink Morgan.


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