colour psychology… will having pink in my brand put men off?

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Another great colour question from one of my Twitter followers, Emma Sutton @lightthespark. She asks “Will having pink in my brand put men off? (questions for your 30 day challenge)”

(Day 27 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

The simple answer is having pink in your brand won’t necessarily put men off. It is the amount of pink you are using where men might think your business is targeting women.

When using colour in any business brand look at the:
1. tone of colour used
2. combination of colours
3. proportion of  colour used.

What psychological message is the tone, combination and proportion of colours sending out? Are you attracting or repelling your ideal customers.

When it comes to the psychology of pink using the right tone, the positive traits represents nurturing, caring feminine love. Using the wrong tone or being surrounded by too much pink and the negative traits can be felt experience feeling needy or physical weakness. It can also be displayed as emotional claustrophobia. Men may feel emasculated.

The pink tone used in this business brand example is a highly saturated blue based pink. It is often referred to as hot pink but being blue based it is a cold pink. This tone represents the more feisty, feminist side of pink. Combining this with black further reinforces this message.

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Images: Courtesy of Emma Sutton, Naked Presenting.


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