What’s your colour of love…?

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Karen Haller

Valentine's Day - Colour of Love.

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. And if you want to get your love colour language spot on whether in the clothes you wear, the flowers you give or even decorating your store or office, do you know what you’re really saying….?

If you want to instantly attract then the way to do this is through colour.

“We take in colour before words or shapes.”


Red is synonymous with Valentine’s day. Red is the colour that represents the male energy signalling strength, stamina and courage. When it comes to expressing love it’s the passionate kind… so it’s no surprise that men pick this colour over any other.

Pink on the other hand expresses feminine love. Whether wearing, giving or in our interiors we are showing our caring, nurturing side. It’s becoming common place to see men wearing pink or giving pink flowers… showing their softer side.

Now a colour that may not instantly spring to mind is orange tones such as peach and apricot. This is expresses a more sensual, fun, playful side.

Valentine's Day - Colour of Love. Red, pink and orange. This opens a new browser window.

Now that you know the colour language of love what colour will you chose to express yourself this Valentine’s Day?




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