the colour of love

the colour of love…

For centuries now St. Valentine’s Day has come to symbolise the day of love expressed through gifts such as flowers, chocolates and heart-felt notes. Colour plays a significant role on this day, often communicating the very message the giver may be unable to express. Have you ever wondered what message the colour is communicating? It…

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What’s your colour of love…?

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. And if you want to get your love colour language spot on whether in the clothes you wear, the flowers you give or even decorating your store or office, do you know what you’re really saying….? If you want to instantly attract then the way to do this is…

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valentine’s day… what is the colour of love?

Red has come to symbolise ‘I love you’ and this is nowhere more evident than on Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, it is the man who will give a gift for the one they love, admire… desire.  Given red is the colour of masculine energy, it’s no surprise red is the most popular choice of colour.

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valentine’s day – the colour of love

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! Want to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day?  Why not decorate your home. A few simple changes is all it takes to create a space that says ‘love’ ‘romance’.

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