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Karen Haller

Valentine's day - bedroom heart artwork. This will open a new browser window.

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air!

Want to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day?  Why not decorate your home. A few simple changes is all it takes to create a space that says ‘love’ ‘romance’.

Colour of Love
The colour that represents love is Pink.  This is more the female energy expressing qualities of maternal love that are nurturing, feminine and compassionate.

Valentine's day - four types of pink.

Four different types of pinks. Showing warm yellow based & cool blue based pinks.

Colour of Passion
The colour that has come to symbolise Valentine’s Day is Red. This is more the male energy expressing qualities such as passion, excitement, stamina and strength. No surprise that men are attracted to this colour!

Valentine's day - four types of red

Four different types of reds. Showing warm yellow based & cool blue based reds.

Caution: If you are thinking of using a red and black colour scheme.  In nature red and black indicates ‘danger’, ‘stay away’, think red-back spiders, red-belly black snakes.  It can be seen as quite an aggressive colour combination so just be mindful if that really is the mood you want to create.

Here are three tips to help you:
1.    Creating the mood
What feeling, atmosphere, ambiance do you want to create?  Remember it’s a sensory occasion – touch, smell, sound, taste. Create a romantic atmosphere with background music.  Either dim the lights or turn them off and use candles/tea lights everywhere, on side tables, lining the stairs, as part of your table setting.

2.    Choosing the colours
What colour/s means Valentine’s Day to you?  Remember no colour is seen in isolation so think about the primary colour you want to use and then a couple of accent colours.

3.    Preparing the room
Several well placed accessories is all you need.  As Valentine’s Day is only for a day so you may not want to make lasting changes.  It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to do a lot. Here ‘less is more’.

Bringing the colour in
There are simple, low cost ways to bring the colour in. Look around your home.  You may already have the items such as candles, vases, pillows, tableware. There’s nothing like fresh flowers that signals Valentine’s Day.  If you’re a budding artist, think about purchasing a large canvas and create your own masterpiece.

Valentine's Day - bed with flower heart. This will open a new browser window.

Flower petals add a simple romantic touch.

Valentine's day - pink flowers framed. This will open a new browser window.

Dressing up your dining area
Whether you have a formal dining room or a bench in the kitchen you can still create a romantic setting for your loved one.

Valentine's day - pink floral table setting. This will open a new browser window.

The theme for this beautiful table setting is old world romance.

Valentine's day - beach dining table. This will open a new browser window.

For those of you lucky enough to spend Valentine’s Day in the warmth of summer, think about taking your table outdoors.

With love in the air, you can’t help but enjoy Valentine’s Day.   Remember if it’s created with love, your loved one will be able to feel it.
Lots of Love,
Karen x

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