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Karen Haller

Croydon Radio interviewing Karen Haller - power of colour in business. This will play the radio interview.

On Monday I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Croydon Radio’s Sonia Thomas who has a weekly show called ‘Down to Business’, which gives practical tips on business, careers, life and about ways of getting things done while having fun!

(Day 9 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

Sonia a self-employed marketing coach and consultant working with small business owners so she has a real passion for helping business owners.

power of colour in business
During my hour long interview we talked about the power of colour in business.

One of the questions Sonia asked me was when I work with business owners helping them to identify their brand colours, what benefit do they get from thinking about and choosing their colours carefully?

There are two concerns business owners say to me time and again.
1. They are not attracting the right customers, their ideal customers and therefore fail to make the sale and

2. There will be confusion over the service they offer. That the colours they are using is projecting the wrong brand image.

During the interview Sonia played a number of tracks, where the song title or the artist’s name had a colour reference. Very clever I thought…


Down to Business – Interviewing Karen Haller on the power of colour in business


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