uk homes ‘unadventurous’ as 75% admit to obsessing over impressing their neighbours

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Karen Haller

ColourMatch from Argos Colour Campaign with Karen Haller.

I’ve been working closely with the team at ColourMatch to analyse the results from a nationwide survey on what people really think about their homes.

The study was released today and shows that three quarters of people admit their home ‘lacks personality’ and, when it comes to our homes, we are a nation obsessed with impressing others.

I had quite a busy day discussing the findings on no less than 12 radio interviews. Following is an extract of the press release with some stats I think you’ll find are an interesting insight into how the UK view their homes.

Commissioned colour research
The research was commissioned by home furnishings brand ColourMatch from Argos.

According to the research, 75 per cent of the UK population is more concerned with creating a home that others will love rather than a home that actually represents their own tastes and personality.

The study also reveals that over half (56 per cent) admit to regularly choosing ‘unadventurous’ homewares, unearthing a lack of confidence when it comes to stamping their mark on interiors. With this in mind it is no surprise that 47 per cent of people avoid adding colour inside their home over the worry that it may affect the resulting re-sell value.

As a result, over a quarter of those surveyed (26 per cent) are unhappy with the way at least two rooms in their home are furnished.

Colour psychology expert Karen Haller, who worked closely with the team at ColourMatch to analyse the results, said: “People are often surprised when I tell them how important colour is to everyday life. Homes are becoming more and more alike through a lack of confidence in adding our own personal touches. The easiest way to differentiate your home is through colour – it has so many benefits from being aesthetically pleasing, lifting your mood to reflecting your personality.

“Every tone of every colour can be directly associated to a type of personality – it’s just about identifying what type of personality you are in the first place! Knowing which colour is your perfect match, which reflects your individual home style, will make the process a lot easier.”

Paul Rees, Senior Own Brands Manager at Argos, who commissioned the research, said: “What this research tells us is that people are worried about ‘getting it wrong’ in their home. There is a general lack of knowledge in how to successfully incorporate colour into your home, despite all of the clear benefits in doing so.”

“Our ColourMatch range has been specially developed to make it easier than ever for people to stamp their individuality on their home through colour.  We can help people to identify which colour is right for their personality and because everything coordinates in the ColourMatch range, they don’t have to worry about getting it wrong.”

Key findings from the UK survey:

75 per cent of people are primarily concerned with what others think of their home

56 per cent only opt for homewares that are ‘unadventurous’

47 per cent furnish their home with the re-sell value in mind

26 per cent people are distinctly unhappy with at least two rooms in their home

43 per cent worry that adding too much of their favourite colour could be too ‘dominating’ in the home


ColourMatch from Argos Radio Day with Karen Haller.

ColourMatch from Argos Radio Day | Still smiling after 12 back to back radio interviews across the UK.


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