Survey by 3M Post-it reveals the colours of a nation

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Karen Haller

Karen Haller  - 3M Post-it radio interview.

What an exciting day… after working for the past several months with client 3M Post-it, the creators of Post-it, I revealed the results of our nationwide research findings in no less than 11 radio interviews.

Each interview just flew by. Each radio presenter was clearly enthusiastic about the research findings and the psychology of colour in how it can influence how we feel and behave.

Here are just some of the research results we discussed.

Blue is nation’s favourite colour
The research found that blue was the nation’s favourite colour at 31%. Despite being considered synonymous with sadness 37% and Mondays 32% by the respondents. [source: 3M Post-it/Karen Haller]

Blue just happens to be the world’s most favourite colour too, confirmed in surveys conducted time and time again around the world. Maybe this is because we have the blue sky above us and we are surrounded by the blue of the oceans and seas… giving a sense of calm and tranquillity

Survey by 3M Post-it reveals the colours of a nation - favourite colour

Although blue can be seen as cold and uncaring, like all colours, blue has many positive qualities too. Blue relates to the mind, intellect and logic, which we associate with trust, integrity and efficiency. It also represents calm, reflection and serenity and it is the intensity of the tone which can affect us differently.

Yellow = Happiness
It was interesting to see the research revealed that yellow is associated all round with happy events and activities. 43% associated the colour yellow when thinking of holidays, 16% for family gatherings and 18% when seeing friends.  [source: 3M Post-it/Karen Haller]

Colour psychology - the meaning of yellow. This opens a new browser window.

When it comes to colour psychology, yellow is the colour that represents happiness! It lifts the spirits which is why we feel uplifted when the sun is shining.

Colour Choice
Now this was very revealing… when quizzed on the reason behind their colour choices, the majority of women 23% said their mum had made the greatest impact on their favourite colour, while more than a third of men said their favourite sports team had the most effect. One in ten said their wife or girlfriend had influenced their choice if their favourite shade had changed since childhood. And 30% admitted they had no idea what their partner’s favourite colour was! [source: 3M Post-it/Karen Haller]

It’s perhaps not surprising that mums have had a great impact on their daughters. We often take advice from others to be better than our own, as opposed to trusting our own instincts. It’s ironic that we will take this direction from our mother and in turn do the same with our partner! We all know what colour tones we are drawn to and those we aren’t, it’s just a matter of trusting our intuition.

Men will choose their team’s colour as it gives them a sense of belonging. As human beings we have an innate need to belong to a tribe. In essence, they are creating an emotional connection through colour without even realising it.

So these are just a few of the fascinating facts uncovered in the research, I’ll be posting again soon with the other research finds.

I’d love to know what you think… is blue your favourite colour? What colour represents social occasional and holidays? Do you know what your partner’s favourite colour is?


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  1. Iain on May 7, 2013 at 8:56 am

    Mauve and Purple are my favourite colours. I have also been told that Navy Blue is my power colour!?

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