colour symbolism

christmas wrapping paper brown paper natural.

christmas wrapping paper… the psychology of colour

By Karen Haller / December 1, 2013 /

One of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping presents for my friends and family in beautifully coloured paper, ribbons and bows. Colour is the first thing we see and we instantly have an emotional reaction.  It can have an influence on our mood, feelings and behaviour. So choosing wrapping paper and all the trimmings with…

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the colour of superstition black friday this opens a new browser window.

the colour of superstition – black friday

By Karen Haller / September 13, 2013 /

If you are superstitious, then today is the day you’ll be watching your every move from keeping your fingers crossed, knocking on wood to avoiding crossing paths with a black cat. And there’s even a name for those with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th – it’s  friggatriskaidekaphobics. No I don’t know how to…

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hina sharma from pitney bowes and karen haller pitney bowes radio day.

latest research by Pitney Bowes reveals cultures see colours differently

By Karen Haller / June 21, 2013 /

If you were listening to the radio yesterday morning, chances are, you may have heard me along with client Hina Sharma, Head of Brand & Content Development Europe Pitney Bowes, being interviewed. We were on a bit of a radio interview marathon – on 15 radio stations across the UK, from BBC Guernsey all the way…

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baroness thatcher funeral black colour symbolism bbc1 image. this opens a new browser window.

the symbolic meaning behind mourners at baroness thatcher wearing the colour black

By Karen Haller / April 18, 2013 /

  If you saw the funeral of Baroness Thatcher yesterday you would have noticed almost everyone wearing black. This is because black is the colour symbolically worn in Western society to represent being in mourning.

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colours of india professor michel albert vanel polychromies.

colour group gb event… colours of india – every day life

By Karen Haller / April 11, 2013 /

Yesterday I had the pleasure to listen to French Professor Michel Albert-Vanel, invited by the Colour Group GB to share his fascinating insights on the ‘Colours of India’. Here is just a short extract with some wonderful images.

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business interiors – how businesses use brown

By Karen Haller / October 28, 2012 /

Brown is often seen as dull, lifeless and even boring. Granted given these are some of the negative psychological traits of brown. This article aims to show there is a positive side to using brown – showing how a variety of brands from very different industries are using brown in their business interiors to communicate…

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london olympics… colourful olympic park

By Karen Haller / August 1, 2012 /

Yesterday I experienced the excitement of being at the Olympic Park, soaking up the atmosphere and watching two thrilling men’s basketball matches. It was hard not to notice the role colour plays, from the wayfinding, national flags, wearing the colours showing the country you are supporting, spotting the volunteers to ask for help through to the…

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history behind the colours & design of the olympic rings

By Karen Haller / July 6, 2012 /

In between meetings today, I stopped off to take a look at the Olympic rings hanging off London’s iconic Tower Bridge.  I love the symbolism behind French Historian, Baron Pierre de Coubertin choice of colours and design. The logo has certainly stood the test of time. It still has the same relevance today as it…

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business branding colours… meaning of yellow

By Karen Haller / June 19, 2012 /

When you choose a colour or colours for your brand, do you know what they are saying? Businesses that choose yellow as their primary brand colour, are they all expressing a personality of happiness, optimism and friendliness? And when yellow is incorporated with another colour or colours, you can completely change the meaning of your brand identity…

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business branding colours… what are you saying when you wear pink

By Karen Haller / May 30, 2012 /

Companies who have a staff uniform are looking to gain maximum brand recognition and brand awareness, and it helps the staff be easily identifiable. Those companies who wear pink uniforms are looking to instil the feeling of being helpful in a caring, nurturing way. This not only instils these positive characteristics in their staff but…

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