My first book – The Little Book of Colour available to preorder!

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Karen Haller

You know when you need to keep something a secret yet bursting to let everyone know? This is what I’ve had to do for just over a year, but I can now finally share with you that I’ve busy writing my first book!

I’m really excited to announce that after a decade of working in the business of colour and finding anyway I could share the power of colour psychology to transform lives, it’s my absolute delight to be working with Penguin Life to be able to bring this message in the form of this book out into the world.

My book, The Little Book of Colour – How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Transform your life which will be published in August, distills so much of what I have learnt, consulted in and taught.

As you’ve probably read from my previous blogs, I’ve shared that colour has far more impact on how we feel and the decisions we make than we realise and one of the things I really wanted to tap into in this book is to help unlock the inherent power of colour and ways it can be used to positively transform our lives.

This book is the first of its kind to illuminate the science, psychology, and emotional significance of colour together with practical tools, tips and exercises to help you rediscover meaning in everything you do through the joy of colour.

It’s all in the timing
I’ve had many people ask me over the years ‘so when are you going to write a book?’ Even though I was bursting to, I do believe it’s all about timing. Colour is having its time again, making its big comeback after over a decade of being cast out into the wilderness.

Funny story… Even though colour is making a comeback this year, it still can’t quite compete with the likes of Brexit which will be happening end of March. Turns out this is far more newsworthy than a book about the powerful impact and joy of colour – go figure? 😊 I’m sharing this because you might be wondering even though the book is out in August why is it available for pre-order now? It’s because the book was originally going to be launched on 4th April but it had to be pushed back because of Brexit. Hopefully with an end of August launch it will be safely out of Brexit’s long reach… 😉

Funny story aside, I couldn’t be happier that colour is finally making a return into our lives. Part of my wish in the creation of this book is to empower you use colour to have more fun and create more meaning in your life. I want you to celebrate the joy, fun and happiness that colour can bring into every moment of your life and use colour as the incredible tool it is to really understand and express your authentic self in all areas of your life. That’s my big aim with this book and my greatest wish for you.

When The Little Book of Colour comes out in August, it’s going to be translated into eight languages and counting. It was my dream for this book to go global and now it’s becoming a reality.

The book is just the beginning. I’ve created a website and after the book has launched I can’t wait to share all of the practical exercises and tools and share more about the techniques and continue building an amazing community of colour lovers through the reach of this book.

If you would like to read more about the book then head over to The Little Book of Colour website where you’ll also be able to pre-order the book.

Can’t wait to share this with you and together let’s colour our world!


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