Why Wimbledon Wears White

wimbledon tennis 2018 serena williams image karen haller

It’s a wrap on another exciting Wimbledon Championships. Every summer the best players from around the world descend on SW19 for two thrilling, nail biting weeks of tennis. I definitely had lady luck on my side this year. On three separate days I just chanced it and managed to get not only into the grounds…

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The meaning of red in The Handmaid’s Tale

elisabeth moss the handmaid's tale channel 4 blog karen haller

  Hands up if you’ve been riveted to The Handmaid’s Tale? I certainly have. My friends and I have been talking about how it’s been an uncomfortable watch at times. The TV series plunges you into a dystopian society which is the uncomfortable part yet the story is compelling viewing. And from a professional perspective,…

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Chinese New Year… the significance of red

chinese new year the significance of red.

It’s Chinese New Year and red is all around us! Also known as the Spring Festival, it’s one of the largest celebratory events for the Chinese community. Red (紅 hóng) is not only the cultural colour of the Chinese people, it’s also their primary celebratory colour. In China, red relates to fire and energy and has…

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turn blue monday into blooming monday with colour

blooming monday turn blue monday into blooming monday with colour

Today is apparently the most depressing day of the year. It even has its own name – Blue Monday.  It’s based on Dr. Cliff Arnall ‘formula‘ based on a number of factors such as Christmas holidays withdrawals, debt, low motivational levels, weather etc… And the calculations all add up to the third Monday in January being the labelled ‘Blue…

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most popular colour blog posts for 2013 are…

most popular blog posts 2013.

It’s the end of another exciting year and I’m always intrigued to see which blogs were the most popular with my readers.  Taking a peek at my Google Analytics reveals the top 10 most popular colour posts. It’s really interesting to see what my blog readers found of interest. Most popular by far were the…

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christmas wrapping paper… the psychology of colour

christmas wrapping paper brown paper natural.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping presents for my friends and family in beautifully coloured paper, ribbons and bows. Colour is the first thing we see and we instantly have an emotional reaction.  It can have an influence on our mood, feelings and behaviour. So choosing wrapping paper and all the trimmings with…

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the colour of superstition – black friday

the colour of superstition black friday www.dailymail.co.uk. this opens a new browser window.

If you are superstitious, then today is the day you’ll be watching your every move from keeping your fingers crossed, knocking on wood to avoiding crossing paths with a black cat. And there’s even a name for those with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th – it’s  friggatriskaidekaphobics. No I don’t know how to…

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