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Karen Haller

Today is apparently the most depressing day of the year. It even has its own name – Blue Monday.  It’s based on Dr. Cliff Arnall ‘formula‘ based on a number of factors such as Christmas holidays withdrawals, debt, low motivational levels, weather etc… And the calculations all add up to the third Monday in January being the labelled ‘Blue Monday’.

Picked up every year by the media, you may absolutely agree, see it as a bit of fun or just this as nothing more than pseudoscience. Mental Health Research UK is using this as a great opportunity to encourage us to dress in colourful clothing to highlight the plight of those who suffer from depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as part of their ‘Blooming Monday’ event.

Why not make your New Year’s resolution to wear colours that you love, support how you are feeling or want to feel.

5 top tips on using colour to achieve positive psychological effects

1. You will notice there are many variations for each colour. It’s important to wear the right tone that resonates with you. Wearing colours that don’t resonate with your authentic personality and physical colouring are likely to create a strain, both physically and emotionally not just for you, but also how you want others to interact with you.

2.  Aim to have a balanced palette of colours to wear.  Having a full spectrum of colours within your tonal colour family all your emotions will be supported.

3. Pay particular attention to the colour/s missing from your wardrobe, those you don’t like.  There may be an underlying psychological or cultural reason for rejecting them. You may also be rejecting that emotion.

4. If there is a colour that you are finding yourself consistently drawn to, there may be a reason why you need the psychological support it’s giving you.  Be careful that it does not bring out the negative effects of that colour.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and different colour combinations. Above all enjoy and have fun!

Below is a selection of colours showing some of their positive psychological effects, so no matter how you are feeling you know there is a colour that will support you? You may choose to wear colours to stay with that feeling, or ones to support change. Colour will support the outcome you want.

Pink – Nurtured and loved
Yellow – Optimism, confidence, self-esteem
Green – Peaceful, relaxed
Light Blue – Calm, reflective
Dark Blue – Calm, focused
Brown – Grounding, support
Red – Energised, physical courage, passion
Violet – Self-reflection, spiritual awareness
Orange – Fun, joy, sensuality
Black – emotional safety, creating protective barrier, wanting to hide
White – clarity, simplicity, creating protective barrier
Grey – hides the personality, protection from others

Want to know more about Blooming Monday? Check out Mental Health Research UK.


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