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fab women in business - colour psychology and your brand issue 5 2013.

fab Women in Business magazine is the UK’s only magazine aimed at business women running or wanting to run their own business. And they have just released their 1st Birthday issue! I was delighted to interviewed by Kate Miranda (a fellow Australian) for this special birthday issue on Colour psychology and your brand.

Here is an extract of the double page feature.

What colours have you chosen for your brand? Was it a deliberate decision? Do you know what message you are sending to potential customers?

According to KISSmetrics, 85% of shoppers say colour is a primary reason for why they buy a particular product.

fab women in business - colour psychology and your brand feature issue 5 2013.

People are attracted to colour, whether they realise it or not. It’s the first thing we see and the first thing our brain takes in.

Colour is emotion; using the right colour, you’ll  have your customers emotionally engaged. Get it wrong and you are likely to miss a sale.

“Your business has its own personality.”


The most common mistake people make is to think of their business brand colours as an extension of their own personality. Your business has its own personality and an identity that is separate from you. When you use the right combination colours and tones, you will attract your ideal clients. Make your brand about you, and it will likely impact on business growth.

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Extract: fab women in business | Colour psychology and your brand | pg. 70 – 71 | Issue 5  2013 fabwomeninbusiness.com


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