colour can make or break your customer’s experience

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Karen Haller

Colour can make or break your customers experience

Take a minute and think of three words to describe the impact of your brand colours.

When I asked this question to my clients the words I most often hear are: exclusive, cutting edge, innovative, empathy, trust, quality, playful, fun…which makes it very clear that colour is more than just a visual experience; colour is an incredibly powerful phenomenon used to influence us every day of our lives. It can affect our mood, behaviour and feelings. It can make us move quickly, feel relaxed, take action, eat more and spend more.

That’s right, colour actually influences our purchasing behaviour – a fact that is sadly underestimated by most businesses.

With global competition being stronger than ever there now appears to be a resurgence in brands looking for that extra edge to connect with their customers on a personal level. The science of applied colour psychology is proving itself to be that extra edge and people are beginning to get curious again. Especially brands, marketing companies and retailers are looking to colour to create a stronger brand awareness leading to brand loyalty.

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘we buy with emotion and justify with logic’.

What you may not have known is that colour is what triggers that emotional response.


Colour is emotion.
Colour is only visual as it moves through our eyes, once it enters the brain it is processed in the same area that processes our emotions.

In a nutshell, if you want customers to know who you are, invest, and keep investing, in your business you need to know what your brand is really saying and what emotions it is triggering.

At every step of the customer journey from the first point of contact you want to create an emotionally connection and help that connection thrive. In other words you want loyalty and raving fans. And you want to choose the behaviour of these raving fans. Do you want them to linger, to relax and take their time? Or do you want them to move quickly, make firm decisions and go?

Whatever it is you want your customer to experience colour is at every touch point in that journey, quietly making those all-important emotive connections with your brand.

That being said, it’s all well and good to make these emotive connections. However unless they are consistent and empowering your final goal for customers to make that all important purchasing decision, in your favour, this just may not happen.

You may need to take a step back to review before you can make a leap forward.

Planning your customer’s journey therefore begins way before it’s even launched on the public. It starts with your brand’s stakeholders clearly identifying or reaffirming the underlying message, values and personality of the brand. Moves through aligning those elements with a distinct target market then, and only then, scientifically determining the colours down to the specific tones that will make that connection.

So you can’t afford to underestimate the impact your use of colour will have on your overall customer’s experience.

Colour sells, the right colours sells better…


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