Business branding colours – 5 most frequently asked questions

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It’s been a while since I wrote an article on colour and branding, but that hasn’t stopped the questions coming in. So I thought I’d share the top 5 most frequently ask questions here with you.


Q: Why am I not attracting my ideal customers?

A: I realise it can feel really demoralising when you’ve put so much time, money and energy getting everything ready to launch your new business to the world only to realise you’re not attracting your ideal customers.

One of the most important things between your business brand and your customer is the emotional connection. What creates that all-important emotional connection, before anything else is colour – yet it’s still the single most overlooked marketing tool out there.

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Q: Everyone in my industry is using the same colours? Do I have to use them as well?

A: It’s great to stand out using colour, but you need to make sure your brand is standing out for all the right reasons. Otherwise all you’re doing is the equivalent of SHOUTING.

Instead of trying to stand out (possibly for the wrong reasons) your success will come from your business brand colours being in alignment and consistent with your business brand message. Only by doing this can your ideal customers know you’re speaking directly to them. Your brand colours may well match the ‘industry colours’ but then again they may not.

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Q: Should my brand colours be the same wherever they’re used?

A: Yes. Using the exact same tone of colours across all your marketing and customer touch points will build that all important brand recognition.

That’s exactly what some major brands have been able to achieve – instant brand recognition simply through the use of colour (and boy, do they fiercely protect them).

Imagine if your brand was instantly recognisable through colour alone. 

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Q: My brand colours never felt right for some reason and I’m thinking about rebranding. What would you recommend?

A: Most businesses, no matter what the size, will come to that evolutionary point known as the ‘rebrand’. As the business owner, you may find you have come to this decision because you have realised you aren’t attracting your ideal clients.

Perhaps you feel you have outgrown your business, maybe you’ve inherited the business, or what often happens, your business brand just doesn’t feel right.

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Q: Once I’ve rebranded will I never need to do it again?

A: A business brand is a living entity. As it evolves and matures over time you’ll find yourself going through phases of reassessment to ensure your business remains true, articulating its authentic personality and values in alignment for the products and/or services it stands for.

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Still have more questions?
Not sure if your brand colours are showing your brand in the best light, attracting your ideal customers, or communicating the right message, then it may be time for you to review your business brand identity through a full business brand analysis or you can take yourself through the Build Your Own Brand Kit.

It maybe the middle of summer but often business slows down which makes it the perfect time to work on your business and re-evaluate your business brand and re-launch in the autumn.


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