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colours of christmas - metallic decorations

Decorations using trend metallic colours

Sparkles, twinkling lights and colour! It can only mean one thing. Christmas is on its way! If we haven’t already, now’s the time when we all start to think about how we can decorate our homes.
Whether you choose the more traditional colours or follow this year’s trend, each colour has a meaning both psychological and cultural. Here’s a quick explanation of what your colour choice means and some ideas how you can use them when decorating your home.
Colour Symbolism
Colour symbolism is usually related to religion or nature, so it comes as no surprise the traditional colours of Christmas are steep in colour symbolism.
Looking at the traditional colours of Christmas, red represents Christ’s blood, shed during his crucifixion. Green represents eternal life, specifically the evergreen tree and how it remains green throughout winter.
We are lucky to have a wide range of colour choices when choosing our decorations. Here are some of the more popular colours and their positive psychological properties.
Colour Psychology
Purple– luxury and opulence
Silver– elegance and sophistication
Gold – luxury and high quality
White – represents all that is pure, as snow
Red – warm, stimulating, making your festivities full of life!
Green – calming, balancing. Pair this with red if you don’t want things to get too lively
Dark Blue – safe, traditional and trusting
Breaking with tradition
If you are looking for something on trend, 2010 Christmas colour trend is blue. If you are looking for comfort and reassurance during these uncertain times, look at using dark blue. Dark blue for a more sophisticated look while a light turquoise will give a sense of fun.
Colours of Christmas - upside down christmas tree. This link will open a new browser window.

This upside down Christmas tree is certain breaking with tradition.

Last year’s trend colour purple, is showing no sign of waning. As yellow is the complimentary colour to purple, harmonise this with the same tone of gold and you’ll have sheer indulgence.
Not only is there a break in tradition with colours but also style, like this upside down Christmas tree from John Lewis. Now that’s really turning things on its head!
Colours of Christmas - decorate your lighting. This link will open a new browser window.

Even your everyday objects will love dressing up!

A light touch
When it comes to decorating, if you love Christmas but don’t want to over indulge in decorations, then think of creating vignettes, focal points of small displays.
This could be from a simple wreath on your door, decorating your mantelpiece, or a table centre piece.
A chandelier or pendent light will dazzle dripped with decorations. You could have your own switching on the lights celebration!
Create a mini tree by spraying twigs in your chosen colour. Once dry, put them in a vase with filling to stand the twigs upright. Hang with lightweight decorations to complete the look.
The colours of Christmas - create your own christmas tree.This link will open a new browser window.

Create your own decorations to match your décor.

Colour Inspiration
Not sure of what colour scheme to use. In this example the gold mirror was used as the colour inspiration. Then you can create your own decorations from everyday objects; spray them gold (such as ivy and lettering, twigs and nuts). Add twinkling tea lights to complete a classy and stylish look.
Colours of Christmas - decorating your mantlepiece. This link will open a new browser window.

Create your own decorations to match your décor.

Tradition Colour combinations
For some, there’s only one colour combination for Christmas and that’s green and
Colours of Christmas - tradition red and green scheme. This link will open a new browser If you are using a warm red and green as in this image and looking at using a neutral, try using ivory instead of white.
You just know it’s going to be a Christmas full of nostalgic family traditions.
No matter how you choose to decorate your home, whether that’s traditional, classic, quirky or with flashes of the avant garde, style to suit your personality… and celebrate!
Wishing you all a safe and joyous Christmas.
Lots of Love,
Karen x

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