colour scheme

colour psychology using colour in interiors.

colour psychology – using colour in interiors

For the past few years, every quarter or so, Stacey Sheppard (from the renowned interiors blog The Design Sheppard) and I collaborate on a wonderful series relating to colour psychology for interiors. I love these articles which usually focuses on a colour that’s sparked Stacey’s colour curious. So far we’ve looked at yellow, emerald green, indigo…

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ideal home show karen haller at ideal advice centre newsletter banner

ideal home show – book your free colour consultation with me at the ideal advice centre

I’m delighted to be asked to be part of the Ideal Advice Centre at this year’s Ideal Home Show giving expert advice on using colour in your home. I’ll be holding free 30 minute consultations on Tuesday 25th and Sunday 30th March on anything from how to put together a colour scheme to how to work…

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colourmatch personality test colour campaign with karen haller

ColourMatch from argos personality test to add personality and colour to your home

On Friday the findings of the nationwide survey carried out by ColourMatch from Argos and myself on what people really think about their homes were revealed. Following on from that I worked closely with the team at ColourMatch to create a fun way to find the colours that match your personality for you to use in your home.

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Does colour change the way we feel and behave? What Radio 4 DIDN’T tell you

Back in November I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 as part of their week long Technicolour programme which was aired last week. Each day there were three colour experts speaking about their area of colour expertise from how our bodies create colour, colour language and perception, our reaction to colour, how colour is made…

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business interiors – how businesses use green

When walking into a business interior that uses the colour green, you start to relax, feel most restful, like you are back in nature. It also symbolises eco-friendly, natural ingredients and being kind to the earth.  For brands that want to show their natural side or to be seen as being green, then green is…

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london olympics… colourful olympic park

Yesterday I experienced the excitement of being at the Olympic Park, soaking up the atmosphere and watching two thrilling men’s basketball matches. It was hard not to notice the role colour plays, from the wayfinding, national flags, wearing the colours showing the country you are supporting, spotting the volunteers to ask for help through to the…

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London Olympic… how did they come up with the design and colour scheme?

Have you seen the London Olympic brand logo and colours? They are pretty hard to miss. Love them or loathe them, they are really polarising public opinion. Even Lord Coe being quoted as saying “It won’t be to everybody’s taste immediately…” So how did they come up with the design and colour scheme?

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business interiors – how lego and mcdonald’s use the colour yellow

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and with sunshine brings happiness. Businesses whose ideal customers are children know by bringing happiness into their stores, makes for happy children and parents are more likely to buy.

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interiors – personalising christmas with colour

If you’re wondering how you can move away from the traditional Christmas colours of forest green and holly red and inject some of your own personal style this season, here are three very different styles and colour palletes to inspire you.

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colour & design surgery… how to use brown in my interiors without looking like a ’70’s flashback

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers. Question: “I’d like to know how to use brown in my interiors so that it looks all luxurious and rich and dark (like chocolate!) rather than 70’s polyesterish. It seems to be a fine line!” – reader, Tamsin Fox-Davies.

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