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Karen Haller

London Olympics - colourful olympic park - national flags

Yesterday I experienced the excitement of being at the Olympic Park, soaking up the atmosphere and watching two thrilling men’s basketball matches.

It was hard not to notice the role colour plays, from the wayfinding, national flags, wearing the colours showing the country you are supporting, spotting the volunteers to ask for help through to the beautiful wild flowers blooming everywhere.

Here are just a few pictures of my experience.

London Olympics - colourful olympic park - dual flag.

Great solution to supporting two countries. Using the shapes of one and the colours of the other. This fan is supporting United Kingdom and Brazil.

London Olympics - colourful olympic park - wayfinding.

All the wayfinding signage for the games is in this shade of pink. This conditions us to look for this colour and associate it with way finding. The colour is very vibrant and easy to spot.

If you get lost of need help, all you need to do is look for the colours of the volunteer uniforms. Another example of colour conditioning and colour association.

London Olympics - colourful olympic park - fans.

Fans of Australia and Spain wearing the colours that symbolise their nation (cultural significance), leaving no doubt as to who they support.

London Olympics - colourful olympic park - wild flowers.

Throughout the park is the most stunning colourful wild flowers. Perfectly timed to be out in full bloom during the games.

What you do think about the colours of the London 2012 games? Are you caught up in Olympic fear and found yourself wearing your country’s colours?

You can read more about the Olympics and colour.

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