Four Fab Reasons to Rethink Your Business Brand Colours

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Karen Haller

Blog Post - Four fab reasons to rethink your business brand colours

1. Attracting the Wrong Type of Customer/Client
Not getting the customers you want? Attracting the wrong type of customer? Worst still, not attracting any? Want to attract the right customers and know how to use colour as your silent sales force?

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2. Standing out for all the wrong reason
Worried about not standing out from your competition? The obvious reaction is to go with a colour in complete contrast to your competition. Accounting firms, Legal, IT comes to mind where they want to look different from their competition and go for something left of field, often lime green, magenta pink. Do you really want your professional brand to stand out for being playful, fun and frivolous?

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3. Your brand name, products or services have evolved
As your business grows, and society demands a different relationship with the brands they invest in, ensuring your brand remains in alignment with this ever-changing landscape is more important than ever.

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4. You spun the colour wheel and threw a dart
Maybe you let someone just pick the colours for you or maybe you picked your favourite colours. Either way the colours you’ve been using might actually have nothing to do with what your brand has to offer.

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Oh, I nearly forgot – there is a 5th Fab Reason to Rethink Your Brand Colours – because it’s so easy to do!

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  1. berksa on April 21, 2015 at 11:44 am

    I think colours are very affective for making a good propaganda. Specially in business and politics. Power of the colours can not be under estimated.

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