colour in communication

newsletter 2013 nov brand evolution or revolution... that is the question banner

business branding… evolution or revolution

Have you ever found yourself looking at your business branding and thinking it’s time for an overhaul, a reassessment or a refresh? Your business could just be in evolution or revolution mode.

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business branding aligning your brand colours.

business branding… are your business brand colours in alignment with your brand message?

If there’s one thing business owners have in abundance it’s their passion – their belief in what they’re doing. They really want their brand to give the right impression knowing that first impressions count. When we pick up a business card or a brochure, or look at an advert or a store window, colour is…

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newsletter 2013 oct selfridges no noise banner

silent branding & why business owners need to listen up

If you were in London earlier this year, you may have heard of Selfridges (the iconic UK department store) ‘No Noise’ project. This is where they and other well-known brands removed their logos from their products, symbolically ‘de-branding’ their products. Their aim was to create a ‘quiet shop’ offering customers a carefully selected range of…

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newsletter 2013 august rebranding

Business Branding – Thinking of Rebranding? Here’s the one thing you can’t ignore

Most businesses, no matter what the size, will come to that evolutionary point known as the ‘rebrand’. As the business owner, you may find you have come to this decision because you have realised you aren’t attracting your ideal clients. Perhaps you feel you have outgrown your business, maybe you’ve   inherited the business, or…

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hina sharma from pitney bowes and karen haller pitney bowes radio day.

latest research by Pitney Bowes reveals cultures see colours differently

If you were listening to the radio yesterday morning, chances are, you may have heard me along with client Hina Sharma, Head of Brand & Content Development Europe Pitney Bowes, being interviewed. We were on a bit of a radio interview marathon – on 15 radio stations across the UK, from BBC Guernsey all the way…

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business branding are you engaging your customers emotions

business branding… are you engaging your customers emotions?

Whether we realise it or not, whenever we buy anything, it’s based on an emotional reason, which we later justify on performance or price. This is because we like to think of ourselves as logical beings. But really, we buy because of an emotional want, a need, or a desire.

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business branding what's your big why

business branding – So what’s your big why…

One of the first questions I ask my clients who are either starting a business or re-branding, way before we even look at brand colours, is why did they decide to go into business, what is their Big Why. Surprisingly most say it isn’t something they even thought of.

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newsletter may 2013 3m post it reveals the colours of a nation

Survey by 3M Post-it reveals the colours of a nation

What an exciting day… after working for the past several months with client 3M Post-it, the creators of Post-it, I revealed the results of our nationwide research findings in no less than 11 radio interviews.

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karen haller colour and design newsletter april 2013.

Business branding… does colour really matter?

Did you know that colour is the first thing our brain registers before words or shapes? In fact, up to 85% of the initial perception of your business brand or product is based on colour alone. [1]

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fab women in business colour psychology and your brand issue 5 2013.

fab women in business feature… colour psychology and your brand

fab Women in Business magazine is the UK’s only magazine aimed at business women running or wanting to run their own business. And they have just released their 1st Birthday issue! I was delighted to interviewed by Kate Miranda (a fellow Australian) for this special birthday issue on Colour psychology and your brand.

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