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Business Branding - What's Your Big Why

One of the first questions I ask my clients who are either starting a business or re-branding, way before we even look at brand colours, is why did they decide to go into business, what is their Big Why. Surprisingly most say it isn’t something they even thought of.

The wonderful thing about business owners, they are passionate about what they do – they love it.  And passion is great, because that is what will get you up in the morning through the good and the lean times.

But if you really want a business, more than just creating a job or a very expensive hobby, then knowing the WHY is crucial to business success.

Most businesses are clear at knowing ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they do it – but surprisingly this isn’t why a customer chooses to buy your product or service.

They buy into the WHY of your business yet very few brands can clearly articulate this.

So what is the reason why your business brand exists? Some of the questions I take my clients through to uncover this are:

1. What difference are you here to make in the world through your business?
2. If your business was not to succeed, what would not happen out there in the world?
3. What legacy would you like to leave through your business brand?

This will get you really connected to the ‘soul’ and ‘purpose’ of your business and coming from a place of service.

I recommend my clients read Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why and you can check out Simon’s TED talk

So what is your brand’s BIG WHY?


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