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Karen Haller
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Fun interactive wallpaper. Create your own mini masterpieces.

Finding it difficult to find art to match your décor? Have you thought of making your own? It doesn’t have to cost the earth to create your very own original piece of artwork. Photos, fabric on canvas, framed mementos, wall stickers or child’s paintings to name just a few.

Planning your creation
To create a piece of art that will complement your décor, start with looking at the room’s overall style, for example, classical, minimalist, quirky, whimsical or feminine. Then look at the colour scheme and pick out the colour/s and proportion you want to use. Finally, consider the size of artwork in comparison to the wall space available.

Now it’s just a matter of creating your masterpiece. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices following.

Framing your loved ones
How cute these canvas photos look of this little girl’s pet highland terrier. Simply take a photo and have it put onto canvas. If you want to take your creativity a step further, experiment using different effects as Ros did with these images to make the photo look like it had been painted with a large paint brush. Ideal Home has an online service to make it even easier for you.

Wall art - photo on canvas. This opens a new browser window.

Take your favourite photos and put them on a canvas.

Fabric & frills
We all have a box tucked away that’s full of fabric remnants, ribbons, sparkles and pretty things. To create this piece of artwork, simply stretch fabric over a ready-made canvas and staple on the back. Then have fun adding your trimmings in the style and colours to suit the space.

Wall art - framed fabric. This opens a new browser window.

Experiment using fabric remnants, ribbons, sparkles over canvas.

Interactive wall art
A really fun way to decorate a wall is with chalkboard stickers. You can put them on your kitchen wall for your shopping list, leaving a note or just to say hello! You can even have your own custom-made design. Just check first that your wall surface is suitable.

Wall art - chalkboard decal. This opens a new browser window.

With a chalkboard you can change your art every day...

Budding Artist
Children love to paint and draw, bringing home their latest creations from school. Why not frame their favourite by using clip board frames to easily swap out with their latest creation. Or ‘commission’ a piece from them in the colours to match your décor.

Wall art - kids art work. This opens a new browser window.

Why not create a display of your children's artwork & family mementos.

Framing mementos
The most unlikely things can be turned into framed works of art. Do you find it difficult to throw away favourite cards, perhaps even keeping bits of pretty wrapping paper? Instead of having them hidden away why not frame them to enjoy. Even pages from old books that are falling to pieces, don’t throw them out, there may be beautiful illustrations such as botanical flowers or maps you can frame.

Wall art - framed maps. This opens a new browser window.

Perhaps you have a collection of images that would look great framed.

Whimsical wall stickers
The amount of wall stickers now available is staggering. The challenge is not to get lost for hours looking at all the possibilities! This wall sticker of butterflies illustrates you don’t have to do much to add interest to an otherwise plain wall. And if you feel like a change, all you have to do is peel them off and apply a new one! Just check first that your wall surface is suitable.

Wall art - butterfly wall sticker. This opens a new browser window.

Pretty butterfly wall sticker.

Take a look around your home, you’ll be surprised what you have packed away that would look beautiful framed and on display. Just bear in mind the room’s overall style, colour scheme and the size of artwork in comparison to the wall space available.

So let your imagination run wild and bring out your inner artist!

Lots of Love,
Karen x

Karen specialises in holistic interior design and colour psychology.


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  1. Charlotte M on November 9, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Karen, I’m a sucker for a wall decal. I’ve definitely got a little carried away on Vinyl Revolution, but the more the merrier and who likes a bare wall really?

    • admin on September 5, 2017 at 4:06 pm

      Hi Charlotte,

      So am I. They are easy to remove if you want to change the design and the colours.

      Karen 🙂

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