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Continuing the Property Blogs Awards series, this month I’m interviewing Sam Collett from What Sam Saw Today, winner of the Best Blog Post. In her blogs she delves into the joy and pain of being a property developer by telling personal stories making her blogs compelling reading.

Enjoy an interview with… Sam Collett.

1. What inspired you to enter these awards?
One of my “followers” sent me the link and told me I should enter for the best blog post when I got rid of squatters from my South London flat I was selling. While it was a scary experience (which admittedly not many should practice) the post managed to convey the terror and anger that I felt – and hopefully people can learn from that. Alternatively, they can just feel lucky it wasn’t their property!!

2. What’s the most unusual property request you’ve had?
I don’t really buy for other people – but I guess the most unusual property I tried to buy was a former Sewerage works in Norfolk.

3. Where do you see the future of the UK property market?
I believe the future UK market will keep on its fractionalised trend. The property market as we know it has fractured, re-structured and is still undergoing massive structural changes as we adapt to new ways and styles of living.

4. What’s your top tip when it comes to property?
“There’s always another house” it’s easy to fall in love and lose your head. If you’re investing in property you have always got to keep your head. If the deal doesn’t stack – move on – there’s always another house!

5. Whose blog do you love to read and why?
I adore James Altucher – successful, funny, down to earth and wise – he is such a fab bloke and a great writer!

The blog post that won Sam the prize Today I got rid of squatters from my London flat which scooped the prize because of its great pace and drama – an online page turner if there ever was one.

Check out Sam’s brilliant blog.

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