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Continuing the Property Blogs Awards series, this month I’m interviewing Tracy Kellett from Buying Agent, winner of the Users’ Favourite Blog award.

Tracy’s writes an ‘unapologetically opinionated blog about her life as a buying agent’.  Showing her depth of knowledge through her very funny, witty insider’s view on the property market.  It would definitely make for a very entertaining book.

Enjoy an interview with… Tracy Kellett.

1. What inspired you to enter these awards?
Blogging, as anyone who does it is will testify is rather hard work and so it is always nice if your efforts reach as wide an audience as possible. In particular when I write blogs that I think give an important insight into the market and potential forewarning for buyers and tenants. Primelocation not only reaches a wide audience but it holds the perfect demographic of those that I write for, which is anybody interested in UK property.

2. What’s the most unusual property request you’ve had?
I was asked for a warehouse in central London with no neighbours to convert to residential. The prospective client wanted to be able to hold raves. He was currently ‘having issues’ with the neighbours in his West London terrace where he was currently holding them. I declined on the basis that there are no warehouses in central London with no neighbours and I don’t take on searches which I don’t believe will be successful.

3. Where do you see the future of the UK property market?
The biggest change to the market comes from the end of the ‘recreational house mover’. In my generation we were used to moving every 3-5 years for sometimes spurious reasons. The cost of moving, (stamp duty and lack of finance being the main culprits), has put a stop to that, reducing transaction levels dramatically and forcing more people into the rental market in the future.

4. What’s your top tip when it comes to property?
Buy the best quality possible. That means the best quality property in the best area you can afford. This protects you as much as possible in any market if you have to, or preferably when, you choose to sell. A Victorian conversion will still be that in ten years time.. a new-build apartment when ten years old is far less attractive than when new and sparkly.

5. Whose blog do you love to read and why?
I do love your blogs on colour psychology but for pure property insight, often with a twist, I aways turn to propertynewshound first.

Check out Tracy’s website and her brilliant blog.

Next month an interview with… will be with Mike O’Flynn, Planet Property, winner of The Best newcomer.

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  1. Tamsin Fox-Davies on May 6, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    I love the idea of someone coming to Tracey to find a rave-able wherehouse in London. That’s just hilarious.

    Some people’s expectations are always unreasonable – whether it’s personal or business.

    I feel sorry for that guy’s neighbours!

    • admin on May 8, 2011 at 3:35 pm

      Can you imagine the type of requests property agents get! I’m sure there’s a books worth.

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