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When I started working on my new consultancy website back in 2020, I didn’t realise the journey it would take me on, both personally and in my business.

I knew my business had evolved a lot since my last website went live a few years ago, but it wasn’t until the first Covid lockdown that it really became clear to me the direction my work was headed in.

That first lockdown gave me time to be still and reassess everything. And I had this unexpected experience where I could, all of a sudden, clearly see into the future and it solidified for me where I wanted to go with my business.

And that vision was what I wanted to bring forward with my new consultancy website. I wanted it to share my unique philosophy when it comes to colour and design, showcase my approach and express the breadth and depth of the work I do.

I wanted it to show what I stand for.

From concept to completion, it’s taken a while as I had to put this on hold when I was in Australia caring for my mum for the first half of this year, but today I’m proud to share with you the brand-new Karen Haller Behavioural Design Consultancy website.

My website Colour & Design process

One of the things I loved most about creating my website was the opportunity to become my own client and take the time to explore my business brand’s big why, vision and mission, alongside its personality and values.

This is the first step in my own business branding framework that I have used with clients for over a decade, and it is all about delving into the logical mind and sensory heart of a business brand and uncovering the essence of what it stands for now and into the future.

Once I had clarified and connected to the direction of my business, I was then able to get down to the next step, analysing the data which enables me to remain objective when selecting the colour family, the specific colours and design style that best reflect my brand essence, qualities, and values. This part of the process also included choosing the colour saturation, proportion, and placement.

One of the reasons applied colour and design psychology is so powerful is because it supports your brand’s message being received on both the conscious level through the words you use and the subconscious level through the colours and design style you use.

When these two things are in harmony, it leaves no doubt what your brand stands for. And that’s what this consultancy website is for me. It is crystal clear on how I work, who I love to work with and the philosophy that underpins everything I do.

Collaborative effort

I didn’t make this happen all on my own. I had an amazing team help me to build the website.

​​I had my website designer who took my vision, my colour palette and design style and designed the most beautiful website making it clean, clear and easy to navigate. I had my website developer who made it come to life with his clever coding skills. I had my copywriter who helped me clarify and craft my words. My photographer who captured the essence of me and the business. And my additional role as project manager, which is second nature to me thanks to my former life as a website project manager and business analyst.

It’s been a labour of love, but the end result is an opportunity through applied colour and design psychology to have my brand show up authentically. This, ultimately, is what it’s all about so that you go on to attract your ideal clients, customers, and those who resonate with your work, your products or your services.

Project Highlights…   

If you would like to find out more about my approach, take a look at some of the projects I’ve worked on over the last 12–14 months. Some project highlights include a well-being restaurant concept, a paint range creation, an interiors collaboration and more.

What to know more?

If my way of working resonates with you and you’re curious about how I could support your business to do a rebrand or refresh, a brand review or help with your brand colour dilemmas, then get in touch to book in for a complimentary consultation call.

I’ve already received wonderful feedback on this new window into my business and I would love to hear your thoughts too. Pop your comments in the box below.

Wishing you a colourful day!

P.S. Want to find out more about my process? Check out my services page.

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