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Karen Haller

Another week another colourful podcast to share with you.

I was invited by the prestigious Home Grown Club to give a talk at their members only event this month. Given the world has gone online this event is now a podcast. Good news is they have opened up their array of talks to the world which means you’re now able to come along!

The LIVE podcast is this Thursday 20th August at 12:00 – 13:15 UK time via Zoom where I’ll be in conversation with Next Era Podcast founders Barry Holmes and Sarah Matthews where we’ll be discussing the symbiotic connection between colour, design, human emotion, and nature. We’ll also be exploring how we can move into a future of advanced technology whilst maintaining the connections with ourselves, others and our environment.

We’ll also be covering business related themes such as:
• Why is colour relevant in business?

• What are the key colour considerations/principles a business owner should consider when creating and launching a business through to selling a business

• What are some of the biggest challenges business owners experience branding their business

• What is the relevance of colour around the last 6 months and the transformation we are going through
• Key takeaways so you can implement positive change for business growth straight away.

Come and Join Us
When: Thursday 20th August
Time: 12.00 – 13.15 GMT +1 (timezone check)
Register: Here’s the link to sign up
Cost: FREE

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

Wishing you a colourful day!

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