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newsletter sept 2014 unlock your brand attraction using colour psychology banner

Unlock your brand attraction using colour psychology

Are you a start-up or an established brand? Do you want to attract your ideal customers? You can create brand attraction. You can create the emotional connection between your brand and customers. Colour is that all-important emotional connector.

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newsletter march 2014 the serious 'selling power' of colour banner

The serious ‘selling power’ of colour

You may think colour is just child’s play. You may think colour is just a visual experience. In fact, colour is an incredibly powerful phenomenon used to influence us every day of our lives. It can influence our mood, behaviour and feelings; making us move quickly, feel relaxed, take action, eat more and spend more.…

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newsletter feb 2014 how to gain an advantage for your small business through colour

How to Gain an Advantage for Your Small Business through Colour

  You may think big businesses have all the competitive advantages in marketing? What if I told you there was one thing that you as a small business could gain advantage over them? And that’s colour.

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vitality magazine mobile branding

in the press… the importance of branding for mobile therapists

Looks are important in the beauty industry, but if you haven’t got a salon to express your business’ identity, how do you get your message across? In the latest edition of the Vitality magazine (for therapists worldwide) check out my interviewed by Clare Wilson, along with two other branding specialists, on the importance of branding for…

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most popular blog posts 2013.

most popular colour blog posts for 2013 are…

It’s the end of another exciting year and I’m always intrigued to see which blogs were the most popular with my readers.  Taking a peek at my Google Analytics reveals the top 10 most popular colour posts. It’s really interesting to see what my blog readers found of interest. Most popular by far were the…

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newsletter 2013 nov brand evolution or revolution... that is the question banner

business branding… evolution or revolution

Have you ever found yourself looking at your business branding and thinking it’s time for an overhaul, a reassessment or a refresh? Your business could just be in evolution or revolution mode.

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newsletter 2013 oct selfridges no noise banner

silent branding & why business owners need to listen up

If you were in London earlier this year, you may have heard of Selfridges (the iconic UK department store) ‘No Noise’ project. This is where they and other well-known brands removed their logos from their products, symbolically ‘de-branding’ their products. Their aim was to create a ‘quiet shop’ offering customers a carefully selected range of…

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why the big brands fiercely protect their brand colours and what that means for you

why the big brands fiercely protect their brand colours and what that means for you

If I asked you to name the company that uses purple to wrap their chocolates, or the maker or the red soled shoes, could you? Or the company behind the robin egg blue box? My guess is if you have come across these brands you’d know exactly who they were just by their brand colour.

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newsletter 2013 august rebranding

Business Branding – Thinking of Rebranding? Here’s the one thing you can’t ignore

Most businesses, no matter what the size, will come to that evolutionary point known as the ‘rebrand’. As the business owner, you may find you have come to this decision because you have realised you aren’t attracting your ideal clients. Perhaps you feel you have outgrown your business, maybe you’ve   inherited the business, or…

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business branding are you engaging your customers emotions

business branding… are you engaging your customers emotions?

Whether we realise it or not, whenever we buy anything, it’s based on an emotional reason, which we later justify on performance or price. This is because we like to think of ourselves as logical beings. But really, we buy because of an emotional want, a need, or a desire.

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