breast cancer care… 5 top tips to use colour positively

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Breast cancer care - 5 top tips to use colour positively.

As you will have known last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was honoured to be asked by Pink Ribbon Lingerie to write two blog posts for this very special time.

(Day 23 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

When recovering from cancer the range of emotions you’ll experience is very personal. If you are feeling emotionally low one day you may want to feel nurtured and supported and the next day cheered up and uplifted.

Here is a selection of colours showing some of their positive psychological effects, so no matter how you are feeling you know there is a colour that will support you. You may choose to wear colours to stay with that feeling, or ones to support change. Colour will support the outcome you want.

Pink – nurtured and loved
Yellow – optimism, confidence, self-esteem
Green – peaceful, relaxed
Light Blue – calm, reflective
Dark Blue – calm, focused
Brown – grounding, support
Red – energised, physical courage, passion
Violet – self-reflection, spiritual awareness
Orange – fun, joy, sensuality
Black – emotional safety, creating protective barrier
White – clarity, simplicity, creating a protective barrier
Grey – hides the personality, protection from other

5 top tips on how to use colour positively

1. Colour variations
There  are many variations for each colour, so make sure you wear the right tone that resonates with your authentic personality and physical. Not doing this you are  likely to create a strain, both physically and emotionally not just for you, but also how you want others to interact with you.

2. Colour Balance
Aim to have a balanced palette of colours to wear.  Having a full spectrum of colours within your tonal colour family all your emotions will be supported.

3. Do you avoid certain colours?
Pay particular attention to the colour/s missing from your wardrobe, those you don’t like.  There may be an underlying psychological or cultural reason for rejecting them. You may also be rejecting that emotion.

4. Do you have a favourite colour?
If there is a colour that you are finding yourself consistently drawn to, there may be a reason why you need the psychological support it’s giving you.  Be careful that it does not bring out the negative effects of that colour.

5. Experiment
Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and different colour combinations. Above all have fun!


What are your favourite colours to wear? Any you find yourself avoiding?

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