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Create a spa bathroom at home with beautiful products.

The indulgence of daily pampering, oh what bliss…

Other than cleaning our body, the bathroom is the ideal place to pamper ourselves. Relaxing with natural light, music, surrounding yourself with colour and aromas is the ideal way to de-stress and take some time out for ourselves. It’s all about nurturing the senses. If this sounds like your dream bathroom, here are some tips how you can easily create your own spa bathroom at home.

Healing Light
Our bodies are best nourished from natural daylight. When a room is flooded with natural light we feel energised as it has a positive effect on our health. So bring in as much natural light and air as possible.

The absence of windows needn’t be a reason for not bringing light in. The next best thing is using daylight blubs which mimic as closely as possible the qualities of natural light.

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Flooded with natural light. Note the handy bench, making it easier to scrub, shave & buff to your heart’s content!

Playing music can help put you in the right mood. You may wish to be soothed and relaxed for a quiet night in, or play music to energise you, getting ready for a fun night out.

Colour evokes a mood, a feeling. Surround yourself with colours that are supportive for you. Here are some colours you could use and the positive feelings they can invoke:
Turquoise (dark blue/green) – soothing the mind
Turquoise (light blue/green) – creative thinking
Aqua (green/blue) – refreshing, energising
Light Blue – calming, restorative
Green – calming, balance
Brown – grounding, safe, security
White – cleanliness, clarity of thought, no distractions (If white doesn’t feel right for you, Ivory, Oyster or Cream also elicit the same mood. Just pick the right one for you).

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Showering in blue light, gently waking up the body.

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Painted white allowing no distractions, other than to pamper oneself.

Nourish Naturally
To get that true healthy spa feeling, use natural products. Natural bristle brushes and loofahs to exfoliate, sea salt mixed with pure essential oils, natural soaps and hair products, finishing with unbleached cotton towels to dry off.

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Nourish. Be kind to your body.

Having a bath by candlelight provides both a relaxing atmosphere and gives your eyes a rest from harsh artificial lighting. If you have the space you may even want to add a candelabra for a touch of glamour.

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Soothing light.

Ideally choose eco-friendly candles, such as those made from bees wax. Bees wax may be more expensive, however being a harder wax they last longer. As bee numbers are decreasing it’s a great way to support the bee-keeping industry. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum, creating indoor air pollution. So if you see black soot when burning your candles, you’ll know you are burning paraffin based wax.

Please remember: avoid putting your candles near anything flammable, a draft or an open window, or leaving the room whilst the candles are lit.

Essential oils
Continuing the sensory experience you may like to put a few drops of your favourite essential oil into your bath. Always choose a pure essential oil as many household products are filled with artificial scents that may make your eyes run and give you a sore throat.

Less is more
It’s very difficult to relax when you’re lying in the bath and all you can see are those unsightly cleaning products. Hide these away in your utility area or kitchen. Turn your bathing products into a display solving the clutter and storage conundrum.

Bathing bliss - bathroom storage. This opens a new browser window.

Handy portable storage holding all your pampering products – all within easy reach.

Having created your spa bathroom at home there’s no excuse to not pamper yourself daily. With your favourite glass of wine or warming cup of tea and your favourite magazine in hand, shut the door, indulge. . . ahhhh bliss. Just beware, you just might not want to leave!

Lots of Love,
Karen x

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