A Colourful Day at The Women Unlimited Conference

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Karen Haller

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I had the absolute pleasure of attending the 4th annual Women Unlimited Conference on Friday, held at the British Library and attended by over 200 business women. This amazing event is the brainchild of Julie Hall, founder of Women Unlimited.

The conference is designed to bring together a ‘community of intelligent, ambitious like-minded women who are all overcoming the challenges and enjoying the rewards of running a business’, and I have to say that Julie succeed in doing so.

What makes this event amazing is Julie’s innate ability to bring together women speakers who are at varying stages in their businesses from start-ups to those running multi-million pound businesses. Each and every one shared their journey with such honesty, integrity and humour.

The aim was to be ‘inspiring, motivating, exciting, and invigorating’. To celebrate the bravery, the successes, and celebrate each other. It was all that and so much more!

Three of the speakers really stood out for me. They were:

Lara Morgan
Lara Morgan is known for her passion and dedication working with entrepreneurs having successfully run a multi-million pound business. What I loved about her talk was her straight talking, no nonsense approach to selling with bucket loads of humour. I bought her book at the event ‘More Balls Than Most’ and it’s a highly recommended read. It’s refreshing to read a book on selling written from a female perspective.

T Sandeman Charles
Talk about not a dry eye in the house! This incredibly inspiring woman touched all of our hearts when she spoke about her two incurable lung diseases and how her goal is to get 10,000 people registered as organ donors before as she says… she dies. Her message to each of us that signed up was very simple ‘Be happy… just be happy.’

You can find out more at http://www.save5.org.uk

Lynne Stainthorpe
Lynne is a brand marketing specialist who I have previously worked with. She gave a presentation which was really useful on all the elements that make up a brand.

One of the key things that she spoke about was the importance of colour in branding. Naturally a subject close to my heart.

It’s great to hear experts from outside my field acknowledging the importance of colour for business branding in this way as I often hear it being applied to a brand as an afterthought, a nice bit of decoration. There is no one magic bullet when it comes to branding, colour, design, messaging, customer service, product quality – these are all things that play their part, and Lynne’s job is to join those things into a coherent whole.

So, branding marketing specialists like Lynne come to me to get the RIGHT colours for a brand to use.

What branding specialists do is use colour. What I do is define it.

I get to the authentic soul of a business brand, uncover the brand’s personality. I then translate this into a brand colour palette. Think of it as your business brand personality in colour. I do this using a scientific colour patterning system so the exact tone is used.

Given we take in colour before words or shapes, it only makes business sense to attract your potential clients and customers by connecting on an emotional level – there is no denying colour affects us emotionally.

wuc 2012 blog post - colour quote.

If you want to know more, I’ve written a book on the ‘7 Mistakes Most Business Owners Make with Their Branding Colours’, which you can download here.


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