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I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Hammonds furniture as their colour psychology expert for their campaign on bringing colour into the home.

We started with a nation-wide survey as we were really interested to find out exactly what Britain’s views are on redecorating the bedroom, their most popular colour choices and along the way we also found out the weird and wonderful things kept in the bedroom.

I love infographics as they are always full of fun, interesting and unusual facts and figures. Who would have thought that 3% of Brits keep a stuffed dead pet in their wardrobe… that was definitely unexpected.

When it comes to colour choices I was pleasantly surprised to find that 56% of people surveyed said making the right colour choice for their bedroom was a priority.

What I did find interesting is that 88% said when re-decorating their bedroom a comfortable and relaxing space was the most important aspect yet 39% painted their bedrooms white (or a version of white). I’ll be discussing some ideas on why this might be in my follow up article The Great British Bedroom Colour survey.

So check out the infographic below. What do you keep in your wardrobe… anything as unusual? What colours are your bedroom?

Hamonds Furniture - The Great British Bedroom Survey

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Infographic courtesy of Hammonds Furniture


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