The Great British Bedroom colour survey

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Karen Haller

The Great British Bedroom Colour Survey

Following on from the posting the The Great British Bedroom Survey infographic, I was asked by Hammonds Furniture to delve a bit deeper into the results of their recent UK survey findings and what the colours we choose for the bedroom reveals about us.

“colour ranked as the most important consideration when redecorating…”


The bedroom is where we probably spend most of our time in, yet surprisingly, when it comes to decorating, it seems it’s the most neglected room in the home.

The survey results showed when it comes to redecorating, colour ranked as the most important consideration, which is great as it shows the nation has a real love for colour.

Despite this, 54% of those surveyed chose what is commonly considered neutral colours, such as white, cream, beige and brown to decorate their bedroom.

So somewhere between having a real love for colour and then choosing a colour something happens… Is it a fear of getting the colours wrong? Perhaps not trusting one’s own instincts and therefore colour choices? Maybe worried what others will think?

If you’re like 43% surveyed who want to use colour to create a relaxing space to get a restful night’s sleep, or in fact, for any feeling you want to create, there’ll be just the right colour for you.

Head over to the Hammond’s blog to read the full article to find out some of the positive psychological effects to help you pick the right colours for you and some top tips in creating the ideal colour scheme for you. There’s also a Pinterest board full of bedroom ideas and tips.

Extract from article The Great British Bedroom Survey – Karen Haller’s Response


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  1. Karolina on March 22, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Wow, what a surprising finding. Colour should play such an important role in our lives. It would be interesting to find out what actually happens between the idea of colour and not using it in our homes? What is stopping people not using it in their bedroom? Is it mainly lack of confidence, fear or reputation?

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