Black at the Golden Globes was a sign of solidarity

black at the golden globes was a sign of solidarity karen haller

The Golden Globes is almost as famous for the array of colourful gowns as it is for the awards ceremony itself. I look forward to watching the parade of colours every year and I wasn’t at all surprised when the focus was switched from the glitz and glamour to one of a somber mood in…

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the colour of superstition – black friday

the colour of superstition black friday this opens a new browser window.

If you are superstitious, then today is the day you’ll be watching your every move from keeping your fingers crossed, knocking on wood to avoiding crossing paths with a black cat. And there’s even a name for those with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th – it’s  friggatriskaidekaphobics. No I don’t know how to…

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did you know there were eleven basic colour terms?

When Brent Berlin and Paul Kay introduced basic colour terms in their 1969 book ‘Basic color terms: Their Universality and Evolution’, it was the start of a new way of thinking about colour terms and colour naming. (Day 3 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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business branding colours… meaning of black

When used by a brand whose personality communicates the qualities of black, they can be seen as sophisticated, aspirational and industry leaders. For those brands who fail to up hold this and the negative qualities will be felt. Even more so if a brand isn’t aware of the effects teaming black with another colour has. This can…

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colour psychology… the meaning of black

How do you feel when you see black? Do you see black as mysterious and eerie, sophisticated and glamorous? Perhaps serious and a mark of excellence, or maybe even draining and tiring? Black means all these things and depending on your own personality, aspirations and how you are feeling any of these associations to black…

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business branding colours… meaning of yellow

When you choose a colour or colours for your brand, do you know what they are saying? Businesses that choose yellow as their primary brand colour, are they all expressing a personality of happiness, optimism and friendliness? And when yellow is incorporated with another colour or colours, you can completely change the meaning of your brand identity…

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