personal colours – is black slimming…?

By Karen Haller / August 31, 2011 /

In Western society, designers, media and retailers often state black is slimming, yet they don’t explain what they base this on… This got me thinking about the properties of black in relation to this commonly held belief.

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colour branding – how choosing the wrong cultural colour can cost you sales

By Karen Haller / August 27, 2011 /

Given the global village we are now living in and how easy it is to get your products and services in front of a global market, have you stopped to consider the message your choice of colour may be saying to those from different cultures?

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do you dream in colour?

By Karen Haller / August 25, 2011 /

In our every day waking life colour has a huge impact on our moods and feelings (either learnt associations to that colour or an unconscious psychological response).  Which got me to thinking … what significance does colour have in our dreams…? So who better to ask than Davina MacKail, the UK’s Dream Whisperer.

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colour & design surgery…how does culture influence colour?

By Karen Haller / July 29, 2011 /

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers. Question: “How is colour understood differently in different cultures?” – reader, Melissa Lessi.

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colours in nature – the many colours of desert sands

By Karen Haller / July 11, 2011 /

In the second of my colour in nature series, I look at why desert sands can vary so much in colour; from white, yellow, red to black.

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colour & design surgery…how can I wear this season’s colour blocking trend & still look professional?

By Karen Haller / June 28, 2011 /

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers. Question: “I love this season’s fashion trend of colour blocking but am a little reluctant to wear it for business meetings as I want to be taken seriously and the colours are so bright! Do you have any tips…

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personal branding – what statement are you making wearing red & black?

By Karen Haller / May 28, 2011 /

Following on from the business branding article I wrote about Louboutin seeing red over YSL, I thought I would look at his black shoes with the signature red soles and the feeling that combination of colours evokes in men and women. Christian Louboutin comments “The shiny red colour has no function other than to identify…

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the colours of africa

By Karen Haller / December 30, 2010 /

Over Christmas I had the opportunity to travel to The Gambia, West Africa, leaving the snow behind to bathe in the beautiful sunshine.

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