SBID Healthcare Design Advisory Council Launch 2013

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Karen Haller

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As a partner member of the Society of British Interior Design, I’m honoured to be one of the  nine specialists selected to head up the SBID Healthcare Design Advisory Council.

Following a lengthy research period we are proud to announce the launch of the SBID Healthcare Advisory Council, which brings together experts from this specialist field of the Interior Design industry.

A first in the design industry for professional designers, we are working alongside industry related professionals to meet the needs of the growing ageing community of which affects each of us indirectly, personally or professionally. When discussing Interior Design, many people visualise glamorous project sectors such as residential, hotels and retail, but a very important sector in the Interior Design world is healthcare. Interior design addresses much more than aesthetics; well thought out healthcare design can make a positive difference in the lives of patients, visitors and employees.

Carefully chosen lighting and colours impact the way we feel and behave and when we are happy we perform better, our well being is improved and our recovery time is heightened. These aspects are obvious but others are scientifically proven. Research and collaboration have helped us broaden design thinking in this very important sector not only by SBID who has led on this research but with our council members in organisations like dementia research and university research programmes.

Modern research now recognises the importance of the interior as part of the healing process making the role of the Interior Designer more crucial and complex than ever before. Extensive research has also been carried out into how dementia friendly design can relieve some of the suffering for residents.

Healthcare design encompasses not only hospital environments but also care homes, dental practices, general practice and residential homes. The advisory board has been formed to cover many aspects of Interior design including the Equality Act of 2010 compliancy, Dementia friendly design, infection control, furniture, architecture and design.

The SBID Healthcare Design Advisory Council, provides a forum for an ongoing exchange of research between Designers, industry and education and will work in partnership with the Government, University’s, commercial organisations as well as healthcare professionals. This focus on design will help to promote well-being and quality of life.


Meet the members of the SBID Healthcare Design Advisory Council
Diana Celella – Healthcare Panel Chairman
Professor June Andrews  – Stirling University – Director of Dementia Design School
Bob Wills – Medical Architecture Director
Stephanie Brada – Willmott Dixon Ltd Principle Healthcare planner
Carmel Satterthwaite – Head of Healthcare Division
Emma Raybould – BDM for Panaz Fabrics Healthcare Division
Victoria Croft – Furniture for the Healthcare sector
Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors
Karen Haller – Applied Colour Psychology Specialist

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