prime location tv ad…and the subliminal meaning of yellow

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Karen Haller

When I saw the new Prime Location ad, I couldn’t help but smile, seeing all those beautiful yellow daffodils, ducks and just about anything else yellow they could get their hands on!

The advert depicts a homeowner who’s certainly very excited exclaiming
“Yellow encourages the buying emotion, it’s subliminal, but it just screams ‘buy me!’ ‘buy me!’”

It’s all a bit of fun, tongue in cheek. But even so, looking at the psychology of colour and what yellow represents, intuitively they picked a great colour.

psychology of yellow
Yellow is associated with feelings of optimism, joy, happiness.  Lifting our spirits increasing our self esteem and self confidence.  Think how happy we are when the sun is shining and miserable when it’s grey.

Looking at the advert, the homeowner is happy, excited and full of optimism and confidence of a sale. When selling a home, especially in this economic climate, feeling confidence and optimistic of a quick sale and at the best possible price can only be a positive thing.

No surprise yellow is a great colour for sales teams.  It keeps them motivated, boosts their self esteem and optimistic of closing that sale.

and when it all gets a bit too much
On the downside, being surrounded by too much yellow or a tone that doesn’t resonate with you and you could find your self-esteem and confidence drop, leading to irritability, fear and anxiety.  That’s where the expression ‘yellow streak’ comes from.

colour is subliminal
We maybe only 20% conscious of the colour choices we are making, but every time we make a colour choice we are making a statement of how we are feeling and how others will interact with us.

what’s your yellow?
If you think yellow isn’t for you, there’s many tones – warm daffodil, butter and sunflower yellows, cold acid lemon yellow and the gray-yellow of the E-Type Jag to name just a few.

What do you feel when you see this ad?  Is there a colour screams ‘buy me’ to you?

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