police and crime commissioner elections… do you think they are after the female vote?

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Karen Haller

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Today, Thursday 15th November is the day for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. For the first time ever, the public across England and Wales (excluding London) will elect a police and crime commissioner.

You can’t fail to notice the intense pink used in their election information. Do you think are after the female vote?

(Day 15 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

When it comes to colour psychology, pink is the colour that represent the female. It communicates nurturing, caring feminine love.

The intense, cold pink used is currently a colour that is everywhere. Perhaps this tone of pink was chosen because it is seen as a trendy colour. How do women really response to it?

Will using a trendy tone of pink get the female voters engaged and motivated to vote? And how will men respond to filling in pink voting slips and putting them into pink ballot boxes? Excluded, not really care? It will be interesting to see the voting statistics.


Police Commissioner Election. This opens a new browser window.


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Images: Bristol.gov.uk.

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