one day, two great events: blue, the world’s favourite colour & why denim never fades

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Karen Haller

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Is blue your favourite colour? Well you’re not alone if it is.  It just happens to be the world’s favourite colour!  And a good friend of mine and fellow Colour Group GB member, Janet Best, is putting on a fabulous all day event all about the colour blue.  The morning session will be on the fascinating “History of Blue” whilst the afternoon event focuses on “Why denim never fades”.

Janet chose to create this event on the colour blue given that blue is everywhere and has established itself as the world’s favourite colour.  “I love to mix things up and get different people and groups talking and working together as there is so much mutual interest to share. Blue seemed the perfect colour that everyone has experienced and has something to say. It touches everyone’s lives.”

Morning session – History of Blue
*  History & evolution of blue dyes and pigments
*  Blues in printing
*  Blue from an artist’s perspective
*  New technology
* The fashion of indigo through the ages

Afternoon session – Why Denim Never Fades
*  What’s involved in building a local denim brand.
*  New technology in fading performance testing for fast fashion.
*  The science of denim finishing including ozone and laser treatments.
*  Trend forecasting.
*  Influences of colour on denim
*  Expert panel discussion on denim the never ending trend.

Why Denim never fades. This opens a new browser window.

Who would benefit attending this event
In the fashion textile industry buyers, designers, technologists, fashion design and marketing students. Anyone working with colour from museum curators, home furnishings, trend forecasters and researchers.

Why would someone attend?
To gain insight and understanding into one of the most important trends globally from a technical, design and cultural perspective.

Students are supported with continuing personal development certificates and the opportunity to network with industry.

Here’s how to book your place
Date: 30th November 2011
Location: City University London
Book through

Pre booking is essential as spaces are limited

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