history of blue

colour science… all about the colour blue

I came across this superb interview on The Why Factor where Dr Anna franklin from Surrey University and Philip Ball, science writer discuss in fascinating detail all about the colour blue – the science, psychology, symbolism and everything else in between. (Day 24 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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colour events london…blue alchemy, stories of indigo

Following the successful meeting BLUE – the World’s Favourite Colour, the Colour Group GB is hosting a soiree with a special screening of the new feature length film by Mary Lance. Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo is a feature-length documentary about indigo, a blue dye that has captured the human imagination for millennia.

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one day, two great events: blue, the world’s favourite colour & why denim never fades

Is blue your favourite colour? Well you’re not alone if it is.  It just happens to be the world’s favourite colour!  And a good friend of mine and fellow Colour Group GB member, Janet Best, is putting on a fabulous all day event all about the colour blue.  The morning session will be on the…

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